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21-Dec-2018That’s Entertainment: Crafting a Creative Ecology within Public TelevisionMooney, G; Burdon, S; Kang, K
13-Nov-2018Innovation Cultural Factors in Australian Business Environment: IT organizations in AustraliaKang, K; Burdon, S; Mooney, G
2-Oct-2018That’s Entertainment: Crafting a Creative Ecology within Public TelevisionMooney, G; Burdon, S; Kang, K
1-Jan-2018Megaprojects redefined – complexity vs cost and social imperativesPitsis, A; Clegg, S; Freeder, D; Sankaran, S; Burdon, S
18-Oct-2017Disruptive Innovation - The Industry ChallengeBurdon, S
1-Jan-2017A reputation for enterprise innovation: Do you know what your peers are thinking?Burdon, S; Mooney, G; Kang, K
1-Jan-2017Organisational Ideation: Engaging Motivation as a Creative CatalystMooney, GR; Burdon, S
1-Jan-2017Creative leadership as a collective achievement: An Australian caseDovey, K; Burdon, S; Simpson, R
1-Oct-2016Understanding the key attributes for a successful innovation cultureBurdon, S; Kang, K; Mooney, G
2016Understanding The Key Attributes for a Successful Innovation CultureBurdon, S; Kang, K; Mooney, G
20-Nov-2015Nature and Spirit of Exchange and Interpersonal Relationships Fostering Grassroots InnovationsJoshi, RG; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, S
20-Oct-2015Exploring the Cultural Bases of InnovationBurdon, S; Dovey, K
1-Jan-2015Navigating service sector innovation using co-creation partnershipsBurdon, S; Mooney, GR; Al-Kilidar, H
1-Nov-2014Digital Disruption's Impact on EducationBurdon, S; Bodrova, O
11-Aug-2014How to Catch the Next Wave of the Digital RevolutionBurdon, SW; Burdon, S; Vuong Bienstock, L
28-Feb-2014Summary of Research Findings From AIIA/UTS Innovation Online SurveyBurdon, SW; Burdon, S
11-Sep-2013Evaluating an organisation's cultural readiness for innovationBurdon, S; Al-Kilidar, H; Mooney, G
1-Jan-2013International CollaborationBurdon, S; Al-Ohali, M; Smith, L; Abouammoh,, A
1-Apr-2011Mobilizing For Value Added PartnershipsBurdon, S; Feeny, D
11-May-2010Leading digital economies: A best practice approach to converged regulationBurdon, S; Webb, W; Courtney, N