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2016Measuring Up: Innovation and the Value-Add of ArchitectureBurke, AJ; Reinmuth, G; Horton, T; Edwards, D; Foley, C; Scerri, M; Horn, Z
2015Curating school cultures: Studios in the context of school agendasBurke, AJ; Bates, D; Mitsogianni, V; Ramirez-Lovering, D
2015Good Buildings Behaving BadlyBurke, AJ
2014Open Agenda: on platforms for speculative research between academia and practiceBurke, AJ; Smitheram, J; Moloney, J; Twose, S
2013-01Curating school cultures: Studios in the context of school agendasBurke, AJ; Ramirez-Lovering, D; Alexander, J; Fairley, A
2009-01Competing "Intelligences": Considering computational design processes in the age of intelligent systemsBurke, AJ; Chang, TW; Champion, E; Chien, SF; Chiou, SC
2008-01Open TowerHewett, BR; Burke, AJ
2007-01Redefining Network PracticesBurke, AJ; Burke, A; Tierney, T
-Continuum: Tactics for Contingent EnvironmentsBurke, AJ; Burns, D
-Museum of Ecological SuccessionBurke, AJ; Hewett, BR; Rice, CE; Lahoud, A; Jakovich, J; Perin, GJ; David Burns
-Out From UnderBurke, AJ
-Beijing Biennale - Invited exhibitor - Offshore StudioBurke, AJ; Hewett, BR; Leach, N; Wei-Guo, X
-States of ConvergenceBurke, AJ; Hewett, BR; Jakovich, J; Lahoud, A; Burns, D; Jones, RF
-180x120: Designing Alternate Location SystemsPaulos, E; Burke, AJ; Jenkins, T; Marcelo, K; Curator, SFMOAD
-DIF(_)Burke, AJ; Sant, A; Marco Brizzi
-Bone HouseBurke, AJ; Anthony Burke
-Formations: New Practices in ArchitectureBurke, AJ; Reinmuth, G