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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-23Automatic tracking of multiple zebrafish larvae with resilience against segmentation errorsWang, X; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS; Wilkinson, R; Lech, M
2018-03-26Randomized dimensionality reduction of deep network features for image object recognitionBui, HM; Lech, M; Cheng, E; Neville, K; Wilkinson, R; Burnett, IS
2018-01-23Crowdsourced generation of annotated video datasets: A zebrafish larvae dataset for video segmentation and tracking evaluationWang, X; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS; Huang, Y; Wlodkowic, D
2018-01-23Improved cell segmentation with adaptive bi-Gaussian mixture models for image contrast enhancement pre-processingWang, X; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS
2017-12-01Automatic multiple zebrafish larvae tracking in unconstrained microscopic video conditionsWang, X; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS; Huang, Y; Wlodkowic, D
2016-09-07Using grayscale images for object recognition with convolutional-recursive neural networkBui, HM; Lech, M; Cheng, E; Neville, K; Burnett, IS
2016-01-01Object Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Features Transformed by a Recursive Network StructureBui, HM; Lech, M; Cheng, E; Neville, K; Burnett, IS
2015-04-03A two channel, block-adaptive audio separation technique based upon time-frequency informationSmith, D; Lukasiak, J; Burnett, IS
2015-01-01Prediction of emotional states in parent-adolescent conversations using non-linear autoregressive neural networksStolar, MN; Lech, M; Burnett, IS
2014-01-01A decoupled hybrid structure for active noise control with uncorrelatednarrowband disturbancesWu, L; Qiu, X; Burnett, IS; Cheng, E; Guo, Y
2014-01-01Toward a one shot multi-projector profilometry system for full field of view object measurementWoolford, S; Burnett, IS
2013-11-28A novel one shot object profilometry system using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum profilometryWoolford, S; Burnett, IS
2013-10-18Effectiveness of horizontal personal sound systems for listeners of variable heightsRadmanesh, N; Burnett, IS
2013-10-18Speech dereverberation based on Linear Prediction: An Acoustic Vector Sensor approachShujau, M; Ritz, CH; Burnett, IS
2013-10-18An Iterated Extended Kalman Filter for 3D mapping via Kinect cameraLing, L; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS
2013-01-01Introducing emotions to the modelingof intra-and inter-personal influencesin parent-adolescent conversationsStolar, MN; Lech, M; Sheeber, LB; Burnett, IS; Allen, NB
2013-01-01Generation of isolated wideband sound fields using a combined two-stage lasso-LS algorithmRadmanesh, N; Burnett, IS
2012-12-01Toward human motion search using fingerprintingAdistambha, K; Davis, S; Ritz, CH; Stirling, D; Burnett, IS
2012-10-12Wideband sound reproduction in a 2D multi-zone system using a combined two-stage Lasso-LS algorithmRadmanesh, N; Burnett, IS
2011-12-26A flexible markerless registration method for video augmented realityLing, L; Burnett, IS; Cheng, E