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2022-02-01A trait-based framework for assessing the vulnerability of marine species to human impactsButt, N; Halpern, BS; O'Hara, CC; Allcock, AL; Polidoro, B; Sherman, S; Byrne, M; Birkeland, C; Dwyer, RG; Frazier, M; Woodworth, BK; Arango, CP; Kingsford, MJ; Udyawer, V; Hutchings, P; Scanes, E; McClaren, EJ; Maxwell, SM; Diaz-Pulido, G; Dugan, E; Simmons, BA; Wenger, AS; Linardich, C; Klein, CJ
2021-10-25Essential outcomes for COP26.Smith, P; Beaumont, L; Bernacchi, CJ; Byrne, M; Cheung, W; Conant, RT; Cotrufo, F; Feng, X; Janssens, I; Jones, H; Kirschbaum, MUF; Kobayashi, K; LaRoche, J; Luo, Y; McKechnie, A; Penuelas, J; Piao, S; Robinson, S; Sage, RF; Sugget, DJ; Thackeray, SJ; Way, D; Long, SP
2021-09-01Adult exposure to ocean acidification and warming leads to limited beneficial responses for oyster larvaeGibbs, MC; Parker, LM; Scanes, E; Byrne, M; O'Connor, WA; Ross, PM
2021-08-01Adult exposure to ocean acidification and warming remains beneficial for oyster larvae following starvationGibbs, MC; Parker, LM; Scanes, E; Byrne, M; O'Connor, WA; Ross, PM
2021-07-22Repeated extreme heatwaves result in higher leaf thermal tolerances and greater safety margins.Ahrens, CW; Challis, A; Byrne, M; Leigh, A; Nicotra, AB; Tissue, D; Rymer, P
2021-07Energetic lipid responses of larval oysters to ocean acidification.Gibbs, MC; Parker, LM; Scanes, E; Byrne, M; O'Connor, WA; Ross, PM
2021-02-25Self-Medication with Antibiotics for Protection against COVID-19: The Role of Psychological Distress, Knowledge of, and Experiences with Antibiotics.Zhang, A; Hobman, EV; De Barro, P; Young, A; Carter, DJ; Byrne, M
2021-01-21Impacts of Acclimation in Warm-Low pH Conditions on the Physiology of the Sea Urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma and Carryover Effects for Juvenile OffspringHarianto, J; Aldridge, J; Gabarda, SAT; Grainger, RJ; Byrne, M
2020-12-10Larval energetics of the Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata and Pacific oyster Magallana gigasGibbs, M; Scanes, E; Parker, L; Byrne, M; O'Connor, W; Virtue, P; Ross, P
2020-03-01Civil disobedience movements such as School Strike for the Climate are raising public awareness of the climate change emergencyThackeray, SJ; Robinson, SA; Smith, P; Bruno, R; Kirschbaum, MUF; Bernacchi, C; Byrne, M; Cheung, W; Cotrufo, MF; Gienapp, P; Hartley, S; Janssens, I; Hefin Jones, T; Kobayashi, K; Luo, Y; Penuelas, J; Sage, R; Suggett, DJ; Way, D; Long, S
2019-11-01Refugia under threat: Mass bleaching of coral assemblages in high-latitude eastern AustraliaKim, SW; Sampayo, EM; Sommer, B; Sims, CA; Gómez-Cabrera, MDC; Dalton, SJ; Beger, M; Malcolm, HA; Ferrari, R; Fraser, N; Figueira, WF; Smith, SDA; Heron, SF; Baird, AH; Byrne, M; Eakin, CM; Edgar, R; Hughes, TP; Kyriacou, N; Liu, G; Matis, PA; Skirving, WJ; Pandolfi, JM
2019-08-29Restoring the flat oyster Ostrea angasi in the face of a changing climatePereira, RRC; Scanes, E; Parker, LM; Byrne, M; Cole, VJ; Ross, PM
2018-02-14Ocean acidification but not warming alters sex determination in the Sydney rock oyster, Saccostrea glomerata.Parker, LM; O'Connor, WA; Byrne, M; Dove, M; Coleman, RA; Pörtner, H-O; Scanes, E; Virtue, P; Gibbs, M; Ross, PM
2018-01-01Ocean acidification alters zooplankton communities and increases top-down pressure of a cubozoan predatorHammill, E; Johnson, E; Atwood, TB; Harianto, J; Hinchliffe, C; Calosi, P; Byrne, M
2017-09-15Ocean acidification narrows the acute thermal and salinity tolerance of the Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata.Parker, LM; Scanes, E; O'Connor, WA; Coleman, RA; Byrne, M; Pörtner, H-O; Ross, PM
2017-03Global warming and recurrent mass bleaching of corals.Hughes, TP; Kerry, JT; Álvarez-Noriega, M; Álvarez-Romero, JG; Anderson, KD; Baird, AH; Babcock, RC; Beger, M; Bellwood, DR; Berkelmans, R; Bridge, TC; Butler, IR; Byrne, M; Cantin, NE; Comeau, S; Connolly, SR; Cumming, GS; Dalton, SJ; Diaz-Pulido, G; Eakin, CM; Figueira, WF; Gilmour, JP; Harrison, HB; Heron, SF; Hoey, AS; Hobbs, J-PA; Hoogenboom, MO; Kennedy, EV; Kuo, C-Y; Lough, JM; Lowe, RJ; Liu, G; McCulloch, MT; Malcolm, HA; McWilliam, MJ; Pandolfi, JM; Pears, RJ; Pratchett, MS; Schoepf, V; Simpson, T; Skirving, WJ; Sommer, B; Torda, G; Wachenfeld, DR; Willis, BL; Wilson, SK
2017-02Adult exposure to ocean acidification is maladaptive for larvae of the Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata in the presence of multiple stressors.Parker, LM; O'Connor, WA; Byrne, M; Coleman, RA; Virtue, P; Dove, M; Gibbs, M; Spohr, L; Scanes, E; Ross, PM
2016-05-01Effects of multiple climate change stressors: ocean acidification interacts with warming, hyposalinity, and low food supply on the larvae of the brooding flat oyster Ostrea angasiCole, VJ; Parker, LM; O’Connor, SJ; O’Connor, WA; Scanes, E; Byrne, M; Ross, PM
2011-03-01The strengthening East Australian Current, its eddies and biological effects - an introduction and overviewSuthers, IM; Young, JW; Baird, ME; Roughan, M; Everett, JD; Brassington, GB; Byrne, M; Condie, SA; Hartog, JR; Hassler, CS; Hobday, AJ; Holbrook, NJ; Malcolm, HA; Oke, PR; Thompson, PA; Ridgway, K
2011-02-01Morphological abnormalities in frogs from a rice-growing region in NSW, Australia, with investigations into pesticide exposureSpolyarich, N; Hyne, RV; Wilson, SP; Palmer, CG; Byrne, M