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2018-06-01A new fundamental type of conformational isomerismCanfield, PJ; Blake, IM; Cai, ZL; Luck, IJ; Krausz, E; Kobayashi, R; Reimers, JR; Crossley, MJ
2014-02-14Formation of water-chlorophyll clusters in dilute samples of chlorophyll-a in ether at low temperatureReimers, JR; Cai, ZL; Kobayashi, R; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E
2014-01-01The role of high-level calculations in the assignment of the Q-band spectra of chlorophyllReimers, JR; Cai, ZL; Kobayashi, R; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E
2013-10-14Assignment of the Q-Bands of the Chlorophylls: Coherence Loss via Q x-Q y MixingReimers, JR; Cai, ZL; Kobayashi, R; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E
2012-07-07Hydrogen bonding and reactivity of water to azines in their S <inf>1</inf> (n,π*) electronic excited states in the gas phase and in solutionReimers, JR; Cai, ZL
2012-01-01Long-lived long-distance photochemically induced spin-polarized charge separation in β,β′-pyrrolic fused ferrocene-porphyrin-fullerene systemsLee, SH; Larsen, AG; Ohkubo, K; Cai, ZL; Reimers, JR; Fukuzumi, S; Crossley, MJ
2011-09-16Peptide ligations accelerated by N-terminal aspartate and glutamate residuesThomas, GL; Hsieh, YSY; Chun, CKY; Cai, ZL; Reimers, JR; Payne, RJ
2011-02-21Complexation, computational, magnetic, and structural studies of the maillard reaction product isomaltol including investigation of an uncommon π interaction with copper(II)Heine, KB; Clegg, JK; Heine, A; Gloe, K; Henle, T; Bernhard, G; Cai, ZL; Reimers, JR; Lindoy, LF; Lach, J; Kersting, B
2011-01-14Demonstration and interpretation of significant asymmetry in the low-resolution and high-resolution Q<inf>y</inf> fluorescence and absorption spectra of bacteriochlorophyll aRätsep, M; Cai, ZL; Reimers, JR; Freiberg, A
2008-01-01Control of the site and potential of reduction and oxidation processes in π-expanded quinoxalinoporphyrinsSintic, PJ; Wenbo, E; Ou, Z; Shao, J; McDonald, JA; Cai, ZL; Kadish, KM; Crossley, MJ; Reimers, JR