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2023-10How the structural determinants of health inequities impact access to prescription medication for pregnant women in Australia: a narrative reviewJackson, H; Grzeskowiak, L; Enticott, J; Wise, S; Callander, E
2023-10Pharmacoepidemiology and costs of medications dispensed during pregnancy: A retrospective population-based study.Jackson, H; Grzeskowiak, LE; Enticott, J; Callander, E
2023-09-07A qualitative exploration of the non-financial costs of cancer care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.Cummins, R; Preston, R; Topp, SM; Taylor, J; Larkins, S; Callander, E; Bell, L; Arley, B; Garvey, G
2023-08Which low- and middle-income countries have midwife-led birthing centres and what are the main characteristics of these centres? A scoping review and scoping survey.Nove, A; Bazirete, O; Hughes, K; Turkmani, S; Callander, E; Scarf, V; Forrester, M; Mandke, S; Pairman, S; Homer, CS
2023-08Online platforms for prescription and supply of hormonal contraception in Australia: a mapping review.Stevenson, TB; Rumbold, A; Callander, E; Buckingham, P; Assifi, A; Mazza, D; Grzeskowiak, LE; Hocking, J
2023-07-29The financial impact of offering publicly funded homebirths: A population-based microsimulation in Queensland, Australia.Hu, Y; Allen, J; Ellwood, D; Slavin, V; Gamble, J; Toohill, J; Callander, E
2023-07-11Unlocking big data to understand health services usage and government funding during pregnancy and early childhood, evidence in Australia.Hu, Y; Zhang, X; Callander, E
2023-06-23Patterns in the provision of government-subsidised hormonal postpartum contraception in Queensland, Australia between 2012 and 2018: a population-based cohort study.Carrandi, A; Bull, C; Hu, Y; Grzeskowiak, LE; Teede, H; Black, K; Callander, E
2023-06-22P-456 Economic evaluations of assisted reproductive technology in high income countries - a systematic reviewOlive, E; Bull, C; Gordon, A; Davies-Tuck, M; Wang, R; Callander, E
2023-06The Foundations for Chronic Low Back Pain Management may Start in Early Life. Exploring the Role of Caregiver Parental Leave on Future Low Back Pain in the Offspring.O'Hagan, ET; Wallwork, SB; Callander, E; Stanton, TR; Mychasiuk, R
2023-06Economic evaluations of assisted reproductive technology in high income countries - a systematic reviewOlive, E; Bull, C; Gordon, A; Davies-Tuck, M; Wang, R; Callander, E
2023-04Change in costs to funders of maternity care over time: an analysis of Queensland births.Eklom, B; Tracy, S; Callander, E
2023-02Systematic review on the cost and cost-effectiveness of mHealth interventions supporting women during pregnancy.Carrandi, A; Hu, Y; Karger, S; Eddy, KE; Vogel, JP; Harrison, CL; Callander, E
2023-02Identifying and dismantling racism in Australian perinatal settings: Reframing the narrative from a risk lens to intentionally prioritise connectedness and strengths in providing care to First Nations families.Hine, R; Krakouer, J; Elston, J; Fredericks, B; Hunter, S-A; Taylor, K; Stephens, T; Couzens, V; Manahan, E; DeSouza, R; Boyle, J; Callander, E; Cunningham, H; Miller, R; Willey, S; Wilton, K; Skouteris, H
2023-01Men's perceptions and preferences regarding prostate cancer radiation therapy: A systematic scoping review.Brown, A; Yim, J; Jones, S; Tan, A; Callander, E; Watt, K; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Pain, T
2023Exploring networks of care in implementing midwife-led birthing centres in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review.Turkmani, S; Nove, A; Bazirete, O; Hughes, K; Pairman, S; Callander, E; Scarf, V; Forrester, M; Mandke, S; Homer, CSE; McCall, SJ
2022-12From little things, big things grow: An exploratory analysis of the national cost of peripheral intravenous catheter insertion in Australian adult emergency care.Morgan, R; Callander, E; Cullen, L; Walker, K; Bumpstead, S; Hawkins, T; Kuhn, L; Egerton-Warburton, D
2022-12Addressing Obesity in Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum: A Review of the Literature.Lim, S; Harrison, C; Callander, E; Walker, R; Teede, H; Moran, L
2022-12Perceptions and recall of treatment for prostate cancer: A survey of two populations.Brown, A; Tan, A; Anable, L; Callander, E; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Pain, T
2022-11-01Nationally Subsidized Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis.Pease, AJ; Zoungas, S; Callander, E; Jones, TW; Johnson, SR; Holmes-Walker, DJ; Bloom, DE; Davis, EA; Zomer, E