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2023-01-01Regeneration turn-around-point: A milestone on the way to optimizing regenerated fiber Bragg gratingBhattacharya, S; Biswas, P; Canning, J; Bandyopadhyay, S
2022-12-30The 4th IEEE Int. Conf. on Telecomm. & Photonics (ICTP), Dhaka Bangladesh, Dec (2021)Mitul,, MMK; Islam, MF; Hossain, MA; Canning, J
2022-10-01Sustainability, livability and wellbeing in a bionic internet-of-thingsCanning, J; Guo, Y; Chaczko, Z
2022-03-09Challenges in the Additive Manufacture of Single and Multi-Core Optical FibresCanning, J; Chu, Y; Luo, Y; Peng, GD; Zhang, J
2022-02-15Annealing Effects on Optical Losses in 3D-Printed Silica FiberWei, S; Lu, M; Luo, Y; Zhang, B; Wang, Y; Lancry, M; Canning, J; Peng, GD
2022-01-19Low-Cost 3D Printer Drawn Optical Microfibers for Smartphone Colorimetric Detection.Hossain, MA; Biswas, PC; Rani, S; Binte Eskender, S; Islam, MF-U; Chakma, A; Canning, J
2022-01-01Smart NanoMaterials: Advances, Innovation and ApplicationsCanning, J
2021-12-25Anti-reflection coatings on 3D printed componentsCanning, J; Clark, C; Dayao, M; LaMela, D; Logozzo, M; Zhao, J
2021-11-013D printing optical preforms and fibresCanning, J
2021-11-01Optical Fiber Sensors 2020Canning, J; Wang, Y; Lancry, M; Peng, G-D
2021-11-01Optical Fiber Sensors 2020Canning, J; Colapinto, K; Linder, B; Cengic, M
2021-11-01Recent developments in smartphone spectrometer sample analysisBiswas, PC; Rani, S; Hossain, MA; Islam, MR; Canning, J
2021-10Simultaneous Multi-Analyte Sensing Using a 2D Quad-Beam Diffraction Smartphone Imaging SpectrometerBiswas, PC; Rani, S; Hossain, MA; Islam, MR; Canning, J
2021-05-01Pressure Effects on Structured Optical Fibre Drawing by Modified Single-Capillary ModellingTafti, G; Canning, J; Wang, S; Luo, Y; Cook, K; Peng, GD
2021-02-15Polynomial regression of multiple sensing variables for high-performance smartphone colorimeterRani, S; Biswas, PC; Hossain, MA; Islam, MR; Canning, J
2021-02-01Mortar-diatom composites for smart sensors and buildingsCanning, J
2021-01-09Thermal Stability of Type II Modifications Inscribed by Femtosecond Laser in a Fiber Drawn from a 3D Printed PreformWang, Y; Wei, S; Cavillon, M; Sapaly, B; Poumellec, B; Peng, G-D; Canning, J; Lancry, M
2021A cross-disciplinary view of testing and bioinformatic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 and other human respiratory viruses in pandemic settingsHossain, MA; Brito-Rodriguez, B; Sedger, LM; Canning, J
2020-10Helical distributed feedback fiber Bragg gratings and rocking filters in a 3D printed preform-drawn fiber.Canning, J; Wang, Y; Lancry, M; Luo, Y; Peng, G-D
2020-09-01Multichannel Smartphone Spectrometer Using Combined Diffraction OrdersBiswas, PC; Rani, S; Hossain, MA; Islam, MR; Canning, J