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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017Improving the Quality of Recommendations for Users and Items in the Tail of DistributionXu, G; Hu, L; Cao, L; Cao, J
1-Jan-2017Diversifying personalized recommendation with user-session contextHu, L; Cao, L; Wang, S; Xu, G; Cao, J; Gu, Z
2017Septic shock prediction for ICU patients via coupled HMM walking on sequential contrast patterns.Ghosh, S; Li, J; Cao, L; Ramamohanarao, K
15-Dec-2016Unsupervised Feature Selection for Outlier De- tection by Modelling Hierarchical Value-Feature CouplingsPang, G; Cao, L; Chen, L; Liu, H
1-Dec-2016Learning informative priors from heterogeneous domains to improve recommendation in cold-start user domainsHu, L; Cao, L; Cao, J; Gu, Z; Xu, G; Yang, D
Nov-2016Two-level matrix factorization for recommender systemsLi, F; Xu, G; Cao, L
31-Oct-2016Training deep neural networks on imbalanced data setsWang, S; Liu, W; Wu, J; Cao, L; Meng, Q; Kennedy, PJ
15-Jul-2016Outlier detection in complex categorical data by modelling the feature value couplingsPang, G; Cao, L; Chen, L
1-Jun-2016E-NSP: Efficient negative sequential pattern miningCao, L; Dong, XJ; Zheng, Z
1-Mar-2016Uncovering and Predicting Human BehaviorsCui, P; Liu, H; Aggarwal, C; Wang, F; Cao, L; Yu, PS; Beutel, A; Faloutsos, C; Weike, P; Qiang, Y
1-Jan-2016Copula mixed-membership stochastic block modelFan, X; Xu, RYD; Cao, L
1-Nov-2015Nonoccurring Behavior Analytics: A New AreaCao, L; Yu, PS; Kumar, V
Nov-2015Mining Top K Spread Sources for a Specific Topic and a Given Node.Liu, W; Deng, Z-H; Cao, L; Xu, X; Liu, H; Gong, X
Nov-2015MRM-Lasso: A Sparse Multiview Feature Selection Method via Low-Rank Analysis.Yang, W; Gao, Y; Shi, Y; Cao, L
Sep-2015Dynamic Infinite Mixed-Membership Stochastic Blockmodel.Fan, X; Cao, L; Xu, RYD
1-Aug-2015Mining Partially-Ordered Sequential Rules Common to Multiple SequencesFournier-Viger, P; Wu, CW; Tseng, VS; Cao, L; Nkambou, R
1-Aug-2015Minimax Probability TSK Fuzzy System Classifier: A More Transparent and Highly Interpretable Classification ModelDeng, Z; Cao, L; Jiang, Y; Wang, S
8-Apr-2015Coupled Matrix Factorization within Non-IID ContextLi, F; Xu, G; Cao, L; Cao, T
Apr-2015Coupled attribute similarity learning on categorical data.Wang, C; Dong, X; Zhou, F; Cao, L; Chi, C-H
30-Jan-2015Coupled Collaborative Filtering for Context-aware RecommendationJiang, X; Liu, W; Cao, L; Long, G