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2023-12Dynamic response of an elliptic cylinder inclusion with imperfect interfaces subjected to plane SH waveLuo, H; Tao, M; Wu, C; Cao, W
2023-11-01Theoretical study on dynamic stress redistribution around circular tunnel with different unloading pathsZhao, R; Tao, M; Zhao, H; Wu, C; Cao, W
2023-10-01Self-Paced Hard Task-Example Mining for Few-Shot ClassificationXu, R; Yang, X; Yao, X; Tao, D; Cao, W; Lu, X; Liu, W
2023-08-15Role of the surface characteristics of hyper-crosslinked polymers on the transformation of adsorbed trichlorophenol: Implications for understanding the surface reactivity of biochar derived from waste biomass.Zhang, X; Shu, S; Hou, D; Chen, H; Cao, W; Mameda, N; Nghiem, LD; Liu, Q
2023-01-30Dynamic analysis of the different types of elliptic cylindrical inclusions subjected to plane SH-wave scatteringTao, M; Luo, H; Wu, C; Cao, W; Zhao, R
2023-01-15Transport behaviors of biochar particles in saturated porous media under DC electric field.Liu, Y; Zhang, X; Xu, Y; Liu, Q; Ngo, HH; Cao, W
2023How does investor attention affect energy firms’ managerial opportunistic behavior? New evidence from ChinaCao, W; Linnenluecke, M; Tian, J; Xue, R; Yang, H
2022-08-10Enhancement of lead removal from soil by in-situ release of dissolved organic matters from biochar in electrokinetic remediationLiu, Q; Zhang, Q; Jiang, S; Du, Z; Zhang, X; Chen, H; Cao, W; Nghiem, LD; Ngo, HH
2022Meta-Regression on the Heterogenous Factors Contributing to the Prevalence of Mental Health Symptoms During the COVID-19 Crisis Among Healthcare Workers.Chen, X; Chen, J; Zhang, M; Dong, RK; Li, J; Dong, Z; Ye, Y; Tong, L; Zhao, R; Cao, W; Li, P; Zhang, SX
2019-11-01Estimation of spalling strength of sandstone under different pre-confining pressure by experiment and numerical simulationZhao, H; Tao, M; Li, X; Cao, W; Wu, C
2019-04-25Stress redistribution of dynamic loading incident with arbitrary waveform through a circular cavityTao, M; Li, Z; Cao, W; Li, X; Wu, C
2017-02-01Efficiency Improvement of Nonuniformly Aged PV ArraysHu, Y; Zhang, J; Wu, J; Cao, W; Tian, GY; Kirtley, JL
2016-07-01An effective contrast sequential pattern mining approach to taxpayer behavior analysisZheng, Z; Wei, W; Liu, C; Cao, W; Cao, L; Bhatia, M
2016-06-01Flexible Fault-Tolerant Topology for Switched Reluctance Motor DrivesHu, Y; Gan, C; Cao, W; Zhang, J; Li, W; Finney, SJ
2016-04-01Design of a Modular, High Step-Up Ratio DC-DC Converter for HVDC Applications Integrating Offshore Wind PowerHu, Y; Zeng, R; Cao, W; Zhang, J; Finney, SJ
2015-06-01Deep modeling complex couplings within financial marketsCao, W; Hu, L; Cao, L
2015Cross-market behavior modelingCao, W
2014-01-01Deep modeling of group preferences for group-based recommendationHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cao, L; Gu, Z; Cao, W
2014-01-01Bayesian Heteroskedastic Choice Modeling on Non-identically Distributed LinkagesHu, L; Cao, W; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cao, L; Gu, Z
2013-12-01Coupled market behavior based financial crisis detectionCao, W; Cao, L; Song, Y