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2023-09-22Exploring the practicality and acceptability a brief exercise communication and clinician referral pathway in cancer care: a feasibility study.Caperchione, CM; English, M; Sharp, P; Agar, MR; Phillips, JL; Liauw, W; Harris, CA; McCullough, S; Lilian, R
2023-07-11Understanding the role of coaches in supporting the mental health of elite athletes.Sankey, C; Wallace, L; Caperchione, CM
2023-07-03Defining research priorities and needs in cancer symptoms for adults diagnosed with cancer: an Australian/New Zealand modified Delphi study.Yenson, VM; Amgarth-Duff, I; Brown, L; Caperchione, CM; Clark, K; Cross, A; Good, P; Landers, A; Luckett, T; Philip, J; Steer, C; Vardy, JL; Wong, AK; Agar, MR
2023-04-01Connecting Australian Masculinities and Culture to Mental Health: Men’s Perspectives and ExperiencesSharp, P; Oliffe, JL; Bottorff, JL; Rice, SM; Schulenkorf, N; Caperchione, CM
2023-04-01Co-designing a health promotion program for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls: lessons learnt.English, M; Canuto, K; Schulenkorf, N; Evans, J; Curry, C; Slater, C; Caperchione, CM
2022-12-01A family-based approach examining perceptions of an Australian TRYathlon series on children's health and development.Caperchione, CM; English, M; Sharp, P; Stolp, S; Wallace, L; Harris, D; Ashton, J
2022-12Cancer survivors' exercise beliefs, knowledge, and behaviors: An Australian National Survey.Caperchione, CM; Stolp, S; Phillips, JL; Agar, M; Sharp, P; Liauw, W; Harris, CA; McCullough, S; Lilian, R
2022-09-02A pragmatic strength and conditioning intervention for firefighters: Feasibility of the Tactical Athlete Resilience Program (TARP).Sharp, P; Caperchione, CM; Brown, GA; Stadnyk, A; Marin, E; Hulin, B; Wade, J; Mott, B; Gabriel, M; Impellizzeri, F; Fullagar, HHK
2022-08-01The impact of mental health literacy initiatives on youth elite athletes: A systematic reviewDiamond, S; Wallace, L; English, M; Caperchione, CM
2022-04-20Mental health literacy practices within Australian football league next generation academy clubs: An exploratory studyDiamond, S; Wallace, L; English, M; Caperchione, CM
2022-01-21“People say men don’t talk, well that’s bullshit”: A focus group study exploring challenges and opportunities for men’s mental health promotionSharp, P; Bottorff, JL; Rice, S; Oliffe, JL; Schulenkorf, N; Impellizzeri, F; Caperchione, CM
2022-01-01Exploring the voices of health promotion stakeholders concerning the implementation of physical activity programs for the social and emotional wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girlsEnglish, M; Wallace, L; Caperchione, CM; Williams, PJ
2021-12-01The impact of sport and physical activity programs on the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a systematic reviewEnglish, M; Wallace, L; Evans, J; Diamond, S; Caperchione, CM
2021-11-19Bridging the gap between attitudes and action: A qualitative exploration of clinician and exercise professional's perceptions to increase opportunities for exercise counselling and referral in cancer care.Caperchione, CM; Sharp, P; Phillips, JL; Agar, M; Liauw, W; Harris, CA; Marin, E; McCullough, S; Lilian, R
2021-11-13A qualitative exploration of perspectives of physical activity and sedentary behaviour among Indian migrants in Melbourne, Australia: how are they defined and what can we learn?Fernandes, S; Caperchione, CM; Thornton, LE; Timperio, A
2021-06-25It doesn't hurt to TRY - Experiences of youths participating in a TRYathlon event series.Caperchione, CM; Stolp, S; Fransen, J; English, M; Wallace, L; Harris, D; Ashton, JF
2021-06-05Moderate to vigorous physical activity and sedentary behavior changes in self-isolating adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil: a cross-sectional survey exploring correlatesSchuch, FB; Bulzing, RA; Meyer, J; López-Sánchez, GF; Grabovac, I; Willeit, P; Vancampfort, D; Caperchione, CM; Sadarangani, KP; Werneck, AO; Ward, PB; Tully, M; Smith, L
2021-05-14Changes in Sitting Time, Screen Exposure and Physical Activity during COVID-19 Lockdown in South American Adults: A Cross-Sectional StudySadarangani, KP; De Roia, GF; Lobo, P; Chavez, R; Meyer, J; Cristi-Montero, C; Martinez-Gomez, D; Ferrari, G; Schuch, FB; Gil-Salmerón, A; Solmi, M; Veronese, N; Alzahrani, H; Grabovac, I; Caperchione, CM; Tully, MA; Smith, L
2021-04-12Sleep Health in Male-dominated Workplaces: A Qualitative Study Examining the Perspectives of Male Employees.Soprovich, AL; Bottorff, JL; Wozniak, LA; Oliffe, JL; Seaton, CL; Duncan, MJ; Caperchione, CM; Ellehoj, ER; Johnson, ST
2021-01-28The Use of Theory to Develop Physical Activity Interventions in Urological Cancer Survivors: A Narrative ReviewRammant, E; Bultijnck, R; Caperchione, CM; Trinh, L; Group of ISBNPA, RCGOTCPAMSI