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15-Jan-2019Supranutritional Sodium Selenate Supplementation Delivers Selenium to the Central Nervous System: Results from a Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial in Alzheimer’s DiseaseCardoso, BR; Roberts, BR; Malpas, CB; Vivash, L; Genc, S; Saling, MM; Desmond, P; Steward, C; Hicks, RJ; Callahan, J; Brodtmann, A; Collins, S; Macfarlane, S; Corcoran, NM; Hovens, CM; Velakoulis, D; O’Brien, TJ; Hare, DJ; Bush, AI
1-Feb-2018Neurological effects of iron supplementation in infancy: finding the balance between health and harm in iron-replete infantsHare, DJ; Cardoso, BR; Szymlek-Gay, EA; Biggs, BA
19-Jul-2017The APOE ϵ4 Allele Is Associated with Lower Selenium Levels in the Brain: Implications for Alzheimer's DiseaseCardoso, BR; Hare, DJ; Lind, M; McLean, CA; Volitakis, I; Laws, SM; Masters, CL; Bush, AI; Roberts, BR
28-Apr-2017The Role of Selenium in Neurodegenerative DiseasesCardoso, BR; Hare, DJ; Bush, AI
1-Mar-2017Glutathione peroxidase 4: A new player in neurodegeneration?Cardoso, BR; Hare, DJ; Bush, AI; Roberts, BR
5-Jan-2017Excessive early-life dietary exposure: a potential source of elevated brain iron and a risk factor for Parkinson's diseaseHare, DJ; Cardoso, BR; Raven, EP; Double, KL; Finkelstein, DI; Szymlek-Gay, EA; Biggs, B-A
1-Jan-2017Selenium Levels in Serum, Red Blood Cells, and Cerebrospinal Fluid of Alzheimer's Disease Patients: A Report from the Australian Imaging, Biomarker & Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing (AIBL)Cardoso, BR; Hare, DJ; Bush, AI; Li, QX; Fowler, CJ; Masters, CL; Martins, RN; Ganio, K; Lothian, A; Mukherjee, S; Kapp, EA; Roberts, BR
1-Feb-2016Pro198Leu polymorphism affects the selenium status and GPx activity in response to Brazil nut intakeCardoso, BR; Busse, AL; Hare, DJ; Cominetti, C; Horst, MA; McColl, G; Magaldi, RM; Jacob-Filho, W; Cozzolino, SMF
21-Apr-2015Determination of selenium in serum in the presence of gadolinium with ICP-QQQ-MSBishop, DP; Hare, DJ; Fryer, F; Taudte, RV; Cardoso, BR; Cole, N; Doble, PA
1-Jan-2015Selenium status in preschool children receiving a Brazil nut-enriched dietMartens, IBG; Cardoso, BR; Hare, DJ; Niedzwiecki, MM; Lajolo, FM; Martens, A; Cozzolino, SMF
1-Jan-2015Selenium, selenoproteins and neurodegenerative diseasesCardoso, BR; Roberts, BR; Bush, AI; Hare, DJ