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2020-09-01Automation in social security: Implications for merits review?Carney, T
2020-04Management and outcomes of health practitioner complaints in Australia: a comparison of the national and New South Wales systems.Walton, M; Kelly, PJ; Chiarella, EM; Carney, T
2020Profile of the most common complaints for five health professions in AustraliaWalton, M; Kelly, PJ; Chiarella, EM; Carney, T; Bennett, B; Nagy, M; Pierce, S
2019-06-01Involuntary Treatment and Quality of LifeCarney, T; Yager, J; Maguire, S; Touyz, SW
2019-03-01Robo-debt illegality: The seven veils of failed guarantees of the rule of law?Carney, T
2018-12-01National Registration of Health Practitioners: A Comparative Study of the Complaints and Notification System Under the National System and in New South Wales – Decision Makers who Handle Complaints/Notifications About Regulated Health Practitioners in AustraliaChiarella, M; Nagy, M; Satchell, CS; Walton, M; Carney, T; Bennett, B; Pierce, SM; Kelly, PJ
2018-10-08Health care complaint journeys for system comparisonNagy, M; Chiarella, M; Bennett, B; Walton, M; Carney, T
2018-01-01Survey of quasi-judicial decision-makers in NSW and the national registration scheme for health practitionersChiarella, M; Satchell, CS; Nagy, M; Carney, T; Walton, M; Bennett, B; Kelly, PJ
2017-11-01Assistive technologies for people with dementia: Ethical considerationsBennett, B; McDonald, F; Beattie, E; Carney, T; Freckelton, I; White, B; Willmott, L
2017-05-01Public health emergencies of international concern: Global, regional, and local responses to riskBennett, B; Carney, T
2017-01-01How shortcomings in the mental health system affect the use of involuntary community treatment ordersLight, EM; Robertson, MD; Boyce, P; Carney, T; Rosen, A; Cleary, M; Hunt, GE; O'Connor, N; Ryan, CJ; Kerridge, IH
2016-01-01Health complaints and regulatory reform: Implications for vulnerable populations?Carney, T; Beaupert, F; Chiarella, M; Bennett, B; Walton, M; Kelly, PJ; Satchell, CS
2012-02-01Inter-Governmental Policy Implementation: State Inducements to Encourage Implementation at the Local LevelLow, S; Carney, T
2012-01-01Australian mental health tribunals-'Space' for rights, protection, treatment and governance?Carney, T