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Jan-2013Visualising Health Care ImprovementIedema, RA; Mesman, J; Carroll, KE
Jan-2012Informed Consent And Fresh Egg Donation For Stem Cell Research Incorporating Embodied Knowledge Into Ethical Decision-MakingCarroll, KE; Waldby, C
Jan-2011Ethnographic context meets ethnographic biography: a challenge for the mores of doing fieldworkCarroll, KE; Mesman, J
Jan-2010Embodied Knowledge: Bringing a new epistemology to the informed consent of oocyte donationCarroll, KE; Velayutham, S; Elbert, N; Watkins, S
Jan-2010Integrated Care in the Emergency Department: A complex adaptive systems perspectiveNugus, P; Carroll, KE; Hewett, DG; Short, AE; Forero, R; Braithwaite, J
Jan-2009Outsider, Insider, Alongsider: Examining reflexivity in hospital-based video researchCarroll, KE
2009Unpredictable predictables : complexity theory and the construction of order in intensive careCarroll, KE
Jan-2007Rostered Labour and Intensive Work Places: The Organisational and Industrial Relations Complexities of providing 24 hour careCarroll, KE; Bridgeford, S; Iedema, RA; Dann, S; Franzway, S; Masterman-Smith, H
Jan-2006Overview Report On The Evaluation Of The Incident Information Management SystemBraithwaite, J; Travaglia, J; Westbrook, M; Jorm, C; Hunter, C; Carroll, KE; Iedema, RA; Ekambareshwar, M
Jan-2006The (Im)possibilities of clinical democracyLong, D; Forsyth, R; Iedema, RA; Carroll, KE
Jan-2006Incorporating Complexity Theory and Feminism into Video EthnographyCarroll, KE; Iedema, RA; NA
Jan-2005Fluid Experts: Lactation consultants as postmodern professional specialistsCarroll, KE; Reiger, K