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2017Bayesian Semiparametric Multivariate Density DeconvolutionSarkar, A; Pati, D; Mallick, BK; Carroll, RJ; Chakraborty, A
Dec-2016Moment reconstruction and moment-adjusted imputation when exposure is generated by a complex, nonlinear random effects modeling process.Potgieter, CJ; Wei, R; Kipnis, V; Freedman, LS; Carroll, RJ
Dec-2016PCAN: Probabilistic correlation analysis of two non-normal data sets.Zoh, RS; Mallick, B; Ivanov, I; Baladandayuthapani, V; Manyam, G; Chapkin, RS; Lampe, JW; Carroll, RJ
Jul-2016Exact sampling of the unobserved covariates in Bayesian spline models for measurement error problemsBhadra, A; Carroll, RJ
Jul-2016Estimation of radiation risk in presence of classical additive and Berkson multiplicative errors in exposure doses.Masiuk, SV; Shklyar, SV; Kukush, AG; Carroll, RJ; Kovgan, LN; Likhtarov, IA
Apr-2016Measurement error models with interactions.Midthune, D; Carroll, RJ; Freedman, LS; Kipnis, V
Apr-2016Spatial measurement error and correction by spatial SIMEX in linear regression models when using predicted air pollution exposures.Alexeeff, SE; Carroll, RJ; Coull, B
Mar-2016Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Model Calibration Using Summary-level Information from External Big Data Sources.Chatterjee, N; Chen, Y-H; Maas, P; Carroll, RJ
20-Jan-2016Spatial regression with covariate measurement error: A semiparametric approach.Huque, MH; Bondell, HD; Carroll, RJ; Ryan, LM
2-Jan-2016RejoinderChatterjee, N; Chen, YH; Maas, P; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2016The impact of stratification by implausible energy reporting status on estimates of diet-health relationshipsTooze, JA; Freedman, LS; Carroll, RJ; Midthune, D; Kipnis, V
Jan-2016Bayesian regression analysis of data with random effects covariates from nonlinear longitudinal measurements.De la Cruz, R; Meza, C; Arribas-Gil, A; Carroll, RJ
2016A bivariate measurement error model for semicontinuous and continuous variables: Application to nutritional epidemiologyKipnis, V; Freedman, LS; Carroll, RJ; Midthune, D
Nov-2015A statistical model for measurement error that incorporates variation over time in the target measure, with application to nutritional epidemiology.Freedman, LS; Midthune, D; Dodd, KW; Carroll, RJ; Kipnis, V
Nov-2015Application of a New Statistical Model for Measurement Error to the Evaluation of Dietary Self-report Instruments.Freedman, LS; Midthune, D; Carroll, RJ; Commins, JM; Arab, L; Baer, DJ; Moler, JE; Moshfegh, AJ; Neuhouser, ML; Prentice, RL; Rhodes, D; Spiegelman, D; Subar, AF; Tinker, LF; Willett, W; Kipnis, V
Nov-2015In vivo regulation of colonic cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and P27Kip1 by dietary fish oil and butyrate in rats.Hong, MY; Turner, ND; Murphy, ME; Carroll, RJ; Chapkin, RS; Lupton, JR
Jun-2015A Two-Sample Test for Equality of Means in High Dimension.Gregory, KB; Carroll, RJ; Baladandayuthapani, V; Lahiri, SN
Apr-2015Sparse Regression by Projection and Sparse Discriminant Analysis.Qi, X; Luo, R; Carroll, RJ; Zhao, H
17-Mar-2015Collective excitations in the transitional nuclei Re 163 and Re 165Davis-Merry, TR; Joss, DT; Page, RD; Simpson, J; Paul, ES; Ali, FA; Bianco, L; Carroll, RJ; Cederwall, B; Darby, IG; Drummond, MC; Eeckhaudt, S; Ertürk, S; Gómez-Hornillos, MB; Grahn, T; Greenlees, PT; Hadinia, B; Jakobsson, U; Jones, PM; Julin, R; Juutinen, S; Ketelhut, S; Leino, M; Nieminen, P; Nyman, M; O'Donnell, D; Pakarinen, J; Peura, P; Rahkila, P; Revill, JP; Ruotsalainen, P; Sandzelius, M; Sapple, PJ; Sarén, J; Sayʇi, B; Scholey, C; Sorri, J; Thomson, J; Uusitalo, J
23-Jan-2015Rapid publication-ready MS-Word tables for two-way ANOVA.Assaad, HI; Hou, Y; Zhou, L; Carroll, RJ; Wu, G