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2021-05-24Bayesian adjustment for measurement error in an offset variable in a Poisson regression modelZhang, K; Liu, J; Liu, Y; Zhang, P; Carroll, RJ
2021-01-01Bayesian Copula Density Deconvolution for Zero-Inflated Data in Nutritional EpidemiologySarkar, A; Pati, D; Mallick, BK; Carroll, RJ
2020-10-06Robust methods to correct for measurement error when evaluating a surrogate marker.Parast, L; Garcia, TP; Prentice, RL; Carroll, RJ
2020-09A fast score test for generalized mixture models.Duan, R; Ning, Y; Wang, S; Lindsay, BG; Carroll, RJ; Chen, Y
2020-07STRATOS guidance document on measurement error and misclassification of variables in observational epidemiology: Part 1-Basic theory and simple methods of adjustment.Keogh, RH; Shaw, PA; Gustafson, P; Carroll, RJ; Deffner, V; Dodd, KW; Küchenhoff, H; Tooze, JA; Wallace, MP; Kipnis, V; Freedman, LS
2020-07STRATOS guidance document on measurement error and misclassification of variables in observational epidemiology: Part 2-More complex methods of adjustment and advanced topics.Shaw, PA; Gustafson, P; Carroll, RJ; Deffner, V; Dodd, KW; Keogh, RH; Kipnis, V; Tooze, JA; Wallace, MP; Küchenhoff, H; Freedman, LS
2019-11-01Integration of survival and binary data for variable selection and prediction: a Bayesian approachMaity, AK; Carroll, RJ; Mallick, BK
2019-09-01Measurement error correction and sensitivity analysis in longitudinal dietary intervention studies using an external validation studySiddique, J; Daniels, MJ; Carroll, RJ; Raghunathan, TE; Stuart, EA; Freedman, LS
2019-09-01A semiparametric efficient estimator in case-control studies for gene–environment independent modelsLiang, L; Ma, Y; Carroll, RJ
2019-09-01A hybrid omnibus test for generalized semiparametric single-index models with high-dimensional covariate setsXu, Y; Kim, I; Carroll, RJ
2019-08-01Development and Testing of an Integrated Score for Physical BehaviorsKeadle, SK; Kravitz, ES; Matthews, CE; Tseng, M; Carroll, RJ
2019-07-15A Review of Statistical Analyses on Physical Activity Data Collected from AccelerometersZhang, Y; Li, H; Keadle, SK; Matthews, CE; Carroll, RJ
2019-06-01Analysis of repeated measures data in nutrition researchLee, U; Garcia, TP; Carroll, RJ; Gilbreath, KR; Wu, G
2019-06-01A robust and efficient approach to causal inference based on sparse sufficient dimension reductionMa, S; Zhu, L; Zhang, Z; Tsai, CL; Carroll, RJ
2019-05-01Correcting for measurement error in fractional polynomial models using Bayesian modelling and regression calibration, with an application to alcohol and mortalityGray, CM; Carroll, RJ; Lentjes, MAH; Keogh, RH
2019-03-15Modeling and Prediction of Multiple Correlated Functional OutcomesCao, J; Soiaporn, K; Carroll, RJ; Ruppert, D
2019-02-01Best Practices for Dietary Supplement Assessment and Estimation of Total Usual Nutrient Intakes in Population-Level Research and MonitoringBailey, RL; Dodd, KW; Gahche, JJ; Dwyer, JT; Cowan, AE; Jun, S; Eicher-Miller, HA; Guenther, PM; Bhadra, A; Thomas, PR; Potischman, N; Carroll, RJ; Tooze, JA
2019-01-01MALMEM: model averaging in linear measurement error modelsZhang, X; Ma, Y; Carroll, RJ
2019-01-01Instrumental variable approach to estimating the scalar-on-function regression model with measurement error with application to energy expenditure assessment in childhood obesityTekwe, CD; Zoh, RS; Yang, M; Carroll, RJ; Honvoh, G; Allison, DB; Benden, M; Xue, L
2019-01-01Parsimonious Model Averaging With a Diverging Number of ParametersZhang, X; Zou, G; Liang, H; Carroll, RJ