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2024-01-01Power, Politics, and the Playground: Perspectives on Power and Authority in EducationCarter, D; Piccoli, A
2023-12-15Plasma activated water as a pre-treatment strategy in the context of biofilm-infected chronic wounds.Vyas, HKN; Xia, B; Alam, D; Gracie, NP; Rothwell, JG; Rice, SA; Carter, D; Cullen, PJ; Mai-Prochnow, A
2023-12-01The Legal Needs of People Living with a Sexually Transmissible Infection or Blood-Borne Virus: Perspectives From a Sample of the Australian Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus WorkforceCarter, D; Riley, B; Evans, R; Rahmani, A; Vogl, A; Stratigos, A; Brown, J; Robertson, H; Travaglia, J
2023-07-01Intrepid Ghosts and Writing IdentitiesCarter, D
2023-06-01The importance of superoxide anion for Escherichia coli biofilm removal using plasma-activated waterXia, B; Vyas, HKN; Zhou, R; Zhang, T; Hong, J; Rothwell, JG; Rice, SA; Carter, D; Ostrikov, K; Cullen, PJ; Mai-Prochnow, A
2023-03-30Talking TeachersCarter, D; Hunter, J
2023-01-26The law and the limits of the dressed body: masking regulation and the 1918–19 influenza pandemic in AustraliaDe Vitis, M; Carter, D; Stychin, CF
2023Brief on Blood Borne Virus (BBV) Infection via Spitting or BitingVogl, A; Carter, D; Lawson-Boyd, E
2022-11-30Developing teachers' writing livesYoo, JHC; Carter, D; Goodwyn, A; Manuel, J; Roberts, R; Scherff, L; Sawyer, W; Durrant, C; Zancanella, D
2022-11-30Developing teachers' writing lives: A case study of english teacher professional learningCarter, D; Yoo, J
2022-11-22Dialogic Education and Jacques RancièreCarter, D; Martin, G
2022-09-01Implementing the general capabilities in New South Wales government primary schoolsCarter, D; Buchanan, J
2022-07-31Regulating Health Care Safety: Enforcement and Responsibility Attribution in Response to Iatrogenic HarmCarter, D; Rahmani, A; Brown, J
2022-07-29UTS School of International Studies and Education : Submission to the Upper House Inquiry into teacher shortages in NSWHunter, J; Yasukawa, K; Kearney, M; Eckert, G; Heggart, K; Carter, D; Bates, K; Maher, D; Patterson, C
2022-07-22Maintaining a social license to operate for wastewater-based monitoring: The case of managing infectious disease and the COVID-19 pandemicCooper, B; Donner, E; Crase, L; Robertson, H; Carter, D; Short, M; Drigo, B; Leder, K; Roiko, A; Fielding, K
2022-07-01Privacy Breaches and Electronic Communication: Lessons for Practitioners and ResearchersCarter, D; Hartridge, S
2022-03-01Positive Migration Guide: Positive Migration Guide Immigration for people living with HIV, their family members and othersStratigos, A; Carter, D
2022-02-22Gosport Hospital, Euthanasia and Serial KillingCrofts, P; Carter, D; Fleming, D
2022-02-22Supported Decision-Making: A Good Idea in Principle but We Need to Consider Supporting Decisions about Voluntary Assisted DyingRies, N; Mansfield, E; Carter, D; Fleming, D
2022-02-22A Criminal Legal Biopolitics: The Case of Voluntary Assisted DyingCarter, D; Carter, D; Fleming, D