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2019‘From “Special Zones” to Cities and City-Regions in ChinaCartier, C; Doucette, J; Park, BG
1-May-2017Preface to an Interventions Forum on Contextual Urban Theory and The ‘Appeal’ of GentrificationCartier, C
2017Policing the Borders: Hong Kong ConundrumsCartier, C
27-Nov-2015Administrative TerritoryCartier, C; Hu, D; Goodman, D
Oct-2015Urban, Mobile and GlobalCartier, C; Barmé, GR; Jaivin, L; Goldkorn, J
Jan-2013Building civilised citiesCartier, C; Barmé, G; Goldkorn, J
Jan-2013Uneven development and the time/space economyCartier, C; Sun, W; Guo, Y
Jan-2012Contemporary art and mediatization in Brand PRDCartier, C; Sun, W; Chio, J
Jan-2012Neoliberalization at a Crossroads? Transcolonial Hong KongCartier, C; Kenkel, J; Mayer, M
Jan-2012Symbolic Cities and the 'Cake Debate'Cartier, C; Tomba, L; Barme, G; Goldkorn, J; Cartier, C; Davies, G
14-Jul-2011World Cities: Part ICartier, C
1-Jan-2011State Formation and Comparative Area Studies :Between Globalization and TerritorializationCartier, C
Jan-2011State Formation and Comparative Area Studies : Between Globalization and TerritorializationCartier, C
Jan-2011Urban Growth, Rescaling and the Spatial Administrative HierarchyCartier, C
Jan-2007Making Space For Art: the culture debate and the studio arts movement in Hong KongCartier, C
Jan-2006Symbolic City/Regions and Gendered Identity Formation in South ChinaCartier, C; Oakes, T; Schein, L
1-Jun-2005The information have-less: Inequality, mobility, and translocal networks in Chinese citiesCartier, C; Castells, M; Qiu, JL
Jan-2005City-space: scale relations and China's spatial administrative hierarchyCartier, C; Ma, L; Wu, F