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2022-11-15The grid process: spatializing local governance in ChinaGao, Y; Cartier, C
2022-01-01“There are no cities in China” and the paradox of urban theoryCartier, C
2020-11-12Suzhou and the City-region: The Administrative Divisions in Historical Perspective and Rural-Urban TransitionHu, D; Cartier, C; Bebei Tang, PC
2020-10-15The Predicament of Hong Kong and the Spatial Expanse of Territorial GovernmentCartier, C
2020-03-01Among greater issues of the day: Hong kong in china, 2003–2013Cartier, C
2020Commentary 2: Chinatown, Geographical Thought, Trans/nationalismCartier, C
2020China’s “New” Socialist City: From Red Aesthetics to Standard Urban GovernanceCartier, C; Drummond, L; Young, D
2020Qu: area/region/zoneCartier, C
2019-07-04Exemplary Cities in China: The Capitalist Aesthetic and the Loss of SpaceCartier, C
2019‘From “Special Zones” to Cities and City-Regions in ChinaCartier, C; Doucette, J; Park, BG
2019The Anthropomorphic City—Power and PlanningCartier, C; Golley, J; Jaivin, L; Farrelly, P; Strange, S
2018-11-28'Building Relationships between Cities and Towns in China: The Emerging City System in Chongqing'Cartier, C; Hu, D
2018-05-01Zone Analog: The State–Market Problematic and Territorial Economies in ChinaCartier, C
2018'Magic Cities, Future Dreams—Urban Contradictions'Cartier, C; Golley, J; Jaivin, L
2017-05-01Contextual Urban Theory and the ‘Appeal’ of Gentrification: Lost in Transposition?Cartier, C
2017-05-01Preface to an Interventions Forum on Contextual Urban Theory and The ‘Appeal’ of GentrificationCartier, C
2017-03-04City as province in China: the territorial urbanization of ChongqingHidalgo Martinez, M; Cartier, C
2017Policing the Borders: Hong Kong ConundrumsCartier, C
2016-10-01Model Hong Kong malls and their development in mainland China: consumer iconicity and the trans/national capitalist classCartier, C
2016-07-03A political economy of rank: The territorial administrative hierarchy and leadership mobility in urban ChinaCartier, C