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2020-11-30High-density geopolymer concrete for Port Kembla breakwater upgradeMahmood, AH; Foster, SJ; Castel, A
2020-11-01Performance of limestone calcined clay blended cement-based concrete against carbonationKhan, MSH; Nguyen, QD; Castel, A
2020-11-01Mitigation of alkali-silica reaction by limestone calcined clay cement (LC3)Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Castel, A
2020-11-01Chloride Diffusion in Limestone Flash Calcined Clay Cement ConcreteNguyen, QD; Khan, MSH; Castel, A
2020-10-01Predictive model of setting times and compressive strengths for low-alkali, ambient-cured, fly ash/slag-based geopolymersUkritnukun, S; Koshy, P; Rawal, A; Castel, A; Sorrell, CC
2020-09-01Modelling steel corrosion under concrete non-uniformity and structural defectsYu, Y; Gao, W; Castel, A; Liu, A; Feng, Y; Chen, X; Mukherjee, A
2020-08-01High temperature resistance of fly ash/GGBFS-based geopolymer mortar with load-induced damageQu, F; Li, W; Tao, Z; Castel, A; Wang, K
2020-06-01Reinforcement corrosion in limestone flash calcined clay cement-based concreteNguyen, QD; Castel, A
2020-02-01RILEM TC 247-DTA round robin test: carbonation and chloride penetration testing of alkali-activated concretesGluth, GJG; Arbi, K; Bernal, SA; Bondar, D; Castel, A; Chithiraputhiran, S; Dehghan, A; Dombrowski-Daube, K; Dubey, A; Ducman, V; Peterson, K; Pipilikaki, P; Valcke, SLA; Ye, G; Zuo, Y; Provis, JL
2020-01-01Chloride diffusion resistance and chloride binding capacity of fly ash-based geopolymer concreteNoushini, A; Castel, A; Aldred, J; Rawal, A
2019-11-01Early-age tensile creep and shrinkage-induced cracking in internally restrained concrete membersKhan, I; Xu, T; Castel, A; Gilbert, RI
2019-11-01Initial sequence for alkali-silica reaction: Transport barrier and spatial distribution of reaction productsKim, T; Alnahhal, MF; Nguyen, QD; Panchmatia, P; Hajimohammadi, A; Castel, A
2019-10-01Creep and shrinkage of synthetic fibre-reinforced geopolymer concreteNoushini, A; Castel, A; Gilbert, RI
2019-10-01Durability of calcium aluminate and sulphate resistant Portland cement based mortars in aggressive sewer environment and sulphuric acidKhan, HA; Castel, A; Khan, MSH; Mahmood, AH
2019-08-30Modelling non-isothermal chloride ingress in unsaturated cement-based materialsYu, Y; Chen, X; Gao, W; Wu, D; Castel, A
2019-08-01Durability and Microstructure Properties of Low-Carbon Concrete Incorporating Ferronickel Slag Sand and Fly AshNguyen, QD; Khan, MSH; Castel, A; Kim, T
2019-03-01Impact of atmospheric marine environment on cementitious materialsYu, Y; Chen, X; Gao, W; Wu, D; Castel, A
2019-01-01Mitigating the risk of early age cracking in fly ash blended cement-based concrete using ferronickel slag sandNguyen, QD; Khan, MSH; Xu, T; Castel, A
2018-12-01Performance-based criteria to assess the suitability of geopolymer concrete in marine environments using modified ASTM C1202 and ASTM C1556 methodsNoushini, A; Castel, A
2018-10-20Mechanical and flexural performance of synthetic fibre reinforced geopolymer concreteNoushini, A; Hastings, M; Castel, A; Aslani, F