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2024-04-13MiRNAs from the Dlk1-Dio3 locus and miR-224/452 cluster contribute to glioblastoma tumor heterogeneity.Smith, CM; Catchpoole, D; Hutvagner, G
2023-12-23Exocentric and Egocentric Views for Biomedical Data Analytics in Virtual Environments-A Usability Study.Ng, J; Arness, D; Gronowski, A; Qu, Z; Lau, CW; Catchpoole, D; Nguyen, QV
2023-12-20Understanding cancer patient cohorts in virtual reality environment for better clinical decisions: a usability study.Qu, Z; Nguyen, QV; Lau, CW; Johnston, A; Kennedy, PJ; Simoff, S; Catchpoole, D
2023-12-06COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Patients with Complex Health Conditions: A Literature ReviewPeng, X; Long, G; Peng, Y; Tang, W; Clarke, A; Catchpoole, D; Simoff, S; Kennedy, P; Nguyen, QV
2023-12Inferring actual treatment pathways from patient records.Wilkins-Caruana, A; Bandara, M; Musial, K; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ
2023-11Infection and Vaccine Induced Spike Antibody Responses Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern in COVID-19-Naïve Children and Adults.Pillay, A; Yeola, A; Tea, F; Denkova, M; Houston, S; Burrell, R; Merheb, V; Lee, FXZ; Lopez, JA; Moran, L; Jadhav, A; Sterling, K; Lai, CL; Vitagliano, TL; Aggarwal, A; Catchpoole, D; Wood, N; Phan, TG; Nanan, R; Hsu, P; Turville, SG; Britton, PN; Brilot, F
2023-10-09Blood-Based Transcriptomic Biomarkers Are Predictive of Neurodegeneration Rather Than Alzheimer's Disease.Shvetcov, A; Thomson, S; Spathos, J; Cho, A-N; Wilkins, HM; Andrews, SJ; Delerue, F; Couttas, TA; Issar, JK; Isik, F; Kaur, S; Drummond, E; Dobson-Stone, C; Duffy, SL; Rogers, NM; Catchpoole, D; Gold, WA; Swerdlow, RH; Brown, DA; Finney, CA
2023-10Machine learning for administrative health records: A systematic review of techniques and applications.Caruana, A; Bandara, M; Musial, K; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ
2023-09-08A review of the machine learning datasets in mammography, their adherence to the FAIR principles and the outlook for the future.Logan, J; Kennedy, PJ; Catchpoole, D
2023-09-01A Game-Theoretical Approach to Clinical Decision Making with Immersive VisualisationLau, CW; Catchpoole, D; Simoff, S; Zhang, D; Nguyen, QV
2023-04-03A novel transcriptional signature identifies T-cell infiltration in high-risk paediatric cancer.Mayoh, C; Gifford, AJ; Terry, R; Lau, LMS; Wong, M; Rao, P; Shai-Hee, T; Saletta, F; Khuong-Quang, D-A; Qin, V; Mateos, MK; Meyran, D; Miller, KE; Yuksel, A; Mould, EVA; Bowen-James, R; Govender, D; Senapati, A; Zhukova, N; Omer, N; Dholaria, H; Alvaro, F; Tapp, H; Diamond, Y; Pozza, LD; Moore, AS; Nicholls, W; Gottardo, NG; McCowage, G; Hansford, JR; Khaw, S-L; Wood, PJ; Catchpoole, D; Cottrell, CE; Mardis, ER; Marshall, GM; Tyrrell, V; Haber, M; Ziegler, DS; Vittorio, O; Trapani, JA; Cowley, MJ; Neeson, PJ; Ekert, PG
2023-01-30IR-ER- A Hybrid Pipeline for Classifying COVID-19 RNA Seq DataKaretla, GR; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, P; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV
2022-07-05Virtual reality for the observation of oncology models (VROOM): immersive analytics for oncology patient cohorts.Lau, CW; Qu, Z; Draper, D; Quan, R; Braytee, A; Bluff, A; Zhang, D; Johnston, A; Kennedy, PJ; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV; Catchpoole, D
2022-03-01Methotrexate-related central neurotoxicity: clinical characteristics, risk factors and genome-wide association study in children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.Mateos, MK; Marshall, GM; Barbaro, PM; Quinn, MCJ; George, C; Mayoh, C; Sutton, R; Revesz, T; Giles, JE; Barbaric, D; Alvaro, F; Mechinaud, F; Catchpoole, D; Lawson, JA; Chenevix-Trench, G; MacGregor, S; Kotecha, RS; Dalla-Pozza, L; Trahair, TN
2022-02Rare germline variants in childhood cancer patients suspected of genetic predisposition to cancer.Sylvester, DE; Chen, Y; Grima, N; Saletta, F; Padhye, B; Bennetts, B; Wright, D; Krivanek, M; Graf, N; Zhou, L; Catchpoole, D; Kirk, J; Latchoumanin, O; Qiao, L; Ballinger, M; Thomas, D; Jamieson, R; Dalla-Pozza, L; Byrne, JA
2022-01-01Beyond Topics: Discovering Latent Healthcare Objectives from Event SequencesCaruana, A; Bandara, M; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ; Long, G; Yu, X; Wang, S
2022SLC7A8 coding for LAT2 is associated with early disease progression in osteosarcoma and transports doxorubicin.Hurkmans, EGE; Koenderink, JB; van den Heuvel, JJMW; Versleijen-Jonkers, YMH; Hillebrandt-Roeffen, MHS; Groothuismink, JM; Vos, HI; van der Graaf, WTA; Flucke, U; Muradjan, G; Schreuder, HWB; Hagleitner, MM; Brunner, HG; Gelderblom, H; Cleton-Jansen, A-M; Guchelaar, H-J; de Bont, ESJM; Touw, DJ; Nijhoff, GJ; Kremer, LCM; Caron, H; Windsor, R; Patiño-García, A; González-Neira, A; Saletta, F; McCowage, G; Nagabushan, S; Catchpoole, D; Te Loo, DMWM; Coenen, MJH
2022Genome-wide analyses of platinum-induced ototoxicity in childhood cancer patients: Results of GO-CAT and United Kingdom MAGIC consortia.Hurkmans, EGE; Klumpers, MJ; Dello Russo, C; De Witte, W; Guchelaar, H-J; Gelderblom, H; Cleton-Jansen, A-M; Vermeulen, SH; Kaal, S; van der Graaf, WTA; Flucke, U; Gidding, CEM; Schreuder, HWB; de Bont, ESJM; Caron, HN; Gattuso, G; Schiavello, E; Terenziani, M; Massimino, M; McCowage, G; Nagabushan, S; Limaye, A; Rose, V; Catchpoole, D; Jorgensen, AL; Barton, C; Delaney, L; Hawcutt, DB; Pirmohamed, M; Pizer, B; Coenen, MJH; Te Loo, DMWM
2021-12-11MCKAT: a multi-dimensional copy number variant kernel association test.Maus Esfahani, N; Catchpoole, D; Khan, J; Kennedy, PJ
2021-11-26SMCKAT, a Sequential Multi-Dimensional CNV Kernel-Based Association Test.Maus Esfahani, N; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ