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Jun-2018Effectiveness of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis for early-onset group B Streptococcal infection: An integrative review.Braye, K; Ferguson, J; Davis, D; Catling, C; Monk, A; Foureur, M
2-Nov-2017The Australian Midwifery Workplace CultureCatling, C
Apr-2017Australian midwives’ experiences of their workplace cultureCatling, C; Reid, F; Hunter, B
Mar-2017Building nursing and midwifery leadership capacity in the Pacific.Rumsey, M; Catling, C; Thiessen, J; Neill, A
Feb-2017Models of midwifery care for Indigenous women and babies: A meta-synthesis.Corcoran, PM; Catling, C; Homer, CSE
Feb-2017From hospital to home: Australian midwives' experiences of transitioning into publicly-funded homebirth programs.Coddington, R; Catling, C; Homer, CSE
2017'Stress, anger, fear and injustice': An international qualitative survey of women's experiences planning a vaginal breech birth.Petrovska, K; Watts, NP; Catling, C; Bisits, A; Homer, CS
Dec-2016Supporting Women Planning a Vaginal Breech Birth: An International SurveyPetrovska, K; Watts, NP; Catling, C; Bisits, A; Homer, CSE
26-Aug-2016This baby is not for turning: Women's experiences of attempted external cephalic versionWatts, NP; Petrovska, K; Bisits, A; Catling, C; Homer, CSE
4-Feb-2015Group versus conventional antenatal care for women (Intervention)Catling, C; Medley, N; Foureur, M; Ryan, C; Leap, N; Teate, A; Homer, CSE
Jul-2014The influences on women who chose publicly-funded homebirth in AustraliaCatling, C; Dahlen, H; Homer, CS
4-Jun-2014Publicly-funded homebirth in Australia: outcomes over 6 yearsCatling, C; Coddington, R; Foureur, M; Homer, CSE
May-2014The Virtual Tutor Project: a student-friendly guide to clinical skillsCatling, C; White, H; Cummins, AM; Hogan, R
Mar-2014The self-prescibed use of aromatherapy oils by pregnant womenSibbritt, D; Catling, C; Adams, J; Shaw, A; Homer, CS
Dec-2013The profile of women who consult midwives in AustraliaSibbritt, D; Catling, C; Scarf, VL; Homer, CS
18-Nov-2013Publicly-funded homebirth in Australia: A review of maternal and neonatal outcomes for the last six yearsCatling, C; Coddington, R; Foureur, M; Homer, CSE
2013Publicly funded homebirth in Australia: a review of maternal and neonatal outcomes over 6 yearsCatling, C; Coddington, B; Foureur, M; Homer, CS; Birthplace in Australia Study; National Publicly-funded Homebirth Consortium
Dec-2012Publicly-funded homebirth models in AustraliaCatling, C; Foureur, M; Homer, CS
Nov-2012Simulated Learning Activities: Improving Midwifery Students' Understanding of Reflective PracticeSmith, RM; Gray, JE; Raymond, JE; Catling, C; Homer, CS
6-Jul-2012Safe timing for an urgent Caesarean section: what is the evidence to guide policy?Homer, CS; Catling, C