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2022-12Group Clinical Supervision for midwives and burnout: a cluster randomized controlled trialCatling, C; Donovan, H; Phipps, H; Dale, S; Chang, S
2021-10-14Midwives providing woman-centred care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia: A national qualitative study.Stulz, VM; Bradfield, Z; Cummins, A; Catling, C; Sweet, L; McInnes, R; McLaughlin, K; Taylor, J; Hartz, D; Sheehan, A
2021-07-12Midwifery workplace culture in Sydney, Australia.Catling, C; Rossiter, C; Cummins, A; McIntyre, E
2021-03-16Exploring the value and acceptability of an antenatal and postnatal midwifery continuity of care model to women and midwives, using the Quality Maternal Newborn Care FrameworkCummins, A; Griew, K; Devonport, C; Ebbett, W; Catling, C; Baird, K
2021-01The Use of Ethnography in Maternity Care.Coates, D; Catling, C
2020-11-12Hospital admission for mental illness: Comparing women who gave birth in a private hospital and a public hospital.Sims, D; Xu, F; Fowler, C; Catling, C
2020-09Seeing birth in a new light: The transformational effect of exposure to homebirth for hospital-based midwivesCoddington, R; Catling, C; Homer, C
2020-03-01Recognising the challenges of providing care for Thai pregnant adolescents: Healthcare professionals’ viewsJittitaworn, W; Fox, D; Catling, C; Homer, CSE
2020-02-01Developing the Australian Midwifery Workplace Culture instrumentCatling, C; Rossiter, C; McIntyre, E
2020-01-01A systematic scoping review of clinical indications for induction of labourCoates, D; Makris, A; Catling, C; Henry, A; Scarf, V; Watts, N; Fox, D; Thirukumar, P; Wong, V; Russell, H; Homer, C
2019-01-01Midwifery workplace culture in Australia: A national survey of midwivesCatling, C; Rossiter, C
2018-11-01Cultural empathy in midwifery students: Assessment of an education programHogan, R; Rossiter, C; Catling, C
2018-10-01The challenges of improving perinatal outcomes for Thai adolescent pregnant women: views of health professionalsJittitaworn, W; Catling, C; Fox, D; Homer, C
2018-10-01A new career pathway for new graduate midwives: Barriers or opportunities?Murray-Parahi, P; Catling, C; Homer, C
2018-10-01Enabling new graduate midwives to work in midwifery continuity of care models: A conceptual model for implementationCummins, AM; Catling, C; Homer, CSE
2018-08-01Effectiveness of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis for early-onset group B Streptococcal infection: An integrative reviewBraye, K; Ferguson, J; Davis, D; Catling, C; Monk, A; Foureur, M
2018-06-01Midwifery Graduate Attributes: A model for curriculum development and educationCummins, AM; Smith, R; Catling, C; Watts, N; Scarf, V; Fox, D; Gray, J
2018-06-01Introducing sensitive issues and self-care strategies to first year midwifery studentsCummins, AM; Wight, R; Watts, N; Catling, C
2017-11-02The Australian Midwifery Workplace CultureCatling, C
2017-10-01The culture of midwifery in AustraliaCatling, C