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Dec-2018Blockchain: Status-Quo, Enablers and Inhibitorsdos Santos, AP; Chaczko, Z
Dec-2018Blockchain-based renewable energy exchange management systemGorski, T; Bednarski, J; Chaczko, Z
Dec-2018Adaptive Consensus-based Aggregation for Edge ComputingAl-Doghman, F; Chaczko, Z; Brookes, W
Dec-2018Industry 4.0 Complemented with EA Approach: A Proposal for Digital Transformation SuccessKempegowda, SM; Chaczko, Z
Dec-2018Essential Skill of Enterprise Architect Practitioners for Digital EraKempegowda, SM; Chaczko, Z
Dec-2018The optimum number of Principles ideal for Enterprise Architecture practiceKempegowda, SM; Chaczko, Z
Dec-2018Visualizing Multimodal Big Data Anomaly Patterns in Higher-Order Feature SpacesAjayan, AR; Al-Doghman, F; Chaczko, Z
Dec-2018Non-invasive Methods in the Detection of Coronary Artery DiseaseMore, FJ; Chaczko, Z
1-Aug-2018A survey: facial micro-expression recognitionTakalkar, M; Xu, M; Wu, Q; Chaczko, Z
1-Jan-2018The Metamodel of Heritage Preservation for Medical Big DataChaczko, Z; Gordon, LC; Bo┼╝ejko, W
Dec-2017An Overview of Multi-layer Security System Using BiometricsChaczko, Z; Sethi, H; Alsawwaf, MK
Dec-2017Multimodal access control: A review of emerging mechanismsAlsawwaf, M; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017Steganographic authentication in cloud storage for mitigation of security risksWazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Chiang, E
27-Nov-2017Road vehicle alert system using IOTChaczko, Z; Jiang, F; Ahmed, B
27-Nov-2017Ontological metamodel for consistency of data heritage preservation (DHP)Gordon, LC; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017Human detection using illumination invariant feature extraction for natural scenes in big data video framesAlzughaibi, A; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017Steganographic image sharing appWazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Gibbon, J
27-Nov-2017Development and optimization of wireless indoor localization error modellingYu, Z; Chaczko, Z; Jiang, J
27-Nov-2017Concepts and observations in artificial endocrine systems for IoT infrastructureSinha, S; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017New LQR protocols with intrusion detection schemes for IOT securityJiang, J; Chaczko, Z; Al-Doghman, F; Narantaka, W