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2023-01-20Biodegradable plastics and their impact on fingermark detection methods.Woodward, H; Moret, S; Chadwick, S
2022-01-01Misidentifications of alphanumeric characters in serial number restorationsWaszczuk, JR; Peacock, L; Chadwick, S; Maynard, P; Raymond, J; Roux, C
2021-09-22Comparison of NIR powders to conventional fingerprint powders.Chadwick, S; Cvetanovski, M; Ross, M; Sharp, A; Moret, S
2021-03Evaluating the effect of barrel length on pellet distribution patterns of sawn-off shotguns.Maitre, M; Chiaravalle, A; Horder, M; Chadwick, S; Beavis, A
2020-10Investigation into the effect of fingermark detection chemicals on the analysis and comparison of pressure-sensitive tapes.Chadwick, S; Lo, M; Brack, F; Bunford, J; Hales, S; Roux, C
2019-05-01An investigation on the secondary transfer of organic gunshot residuesMaitre, M; Chadwick, S; Kirkbride, KP; Gassner, AL; Weyermann, C; Beavis, A; Roux, C
2018-11-02An effective Physical Developer (PD) method for use in Australian laboratoriesde la Hunty, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Roux, C
2018-08-01Investigation of some of the factors influencing fingermark detectionChadwick, S; Moret, S; Jayashanka, N; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Roux, C
2018-06-12Developing Awareness of Professional Behaviors and Skills in the First-Year Chemistry LaboratoryChadwick, S; De La Hunty, M; Baker, A
2018-05-01Impact of one-step luminescent cyanoacrylate treatment on subsequent DNA analysisKhuu, A; Chadwick, S; Moret, S; Spindler, X; Gunn, P; Roux, C
2018-02-01Dataset of coded handwriting features for use in statistical modellingAgius, A; Morelato, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Jones, K; Epple, R; Brown, J; Roux, C
2018-01-01Using handwriting to infer a writer's country of origin for forensic intelligence purposesAgius, A; Morelato, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Jones, K; Epple, R; Brown, J; Roux, C
2018-01-01The impact of inquiry orientation and other elements of cultural framework on student engagement in first year laboratory programsBraun, M; Kirkup, L; Chadwick, S
2017-12-01Forensic Science: Current State and Perspective by a Group of Early Career ResearchersMorelato, M; Barash, M; Blanes, L; Chadwick, S; Dilag, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Nizio, KD; Spindler, X; Moret, S
2017-09-01The use of handwriting examinations beyond the traditional court purposeAgius, A; Jones, K; Epple, R; Morelato, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Roux, C
2017-04-01Effect of hand sanitizer on the performance of fingermark detection techniquesChadwick, S; Neskoski, M; Spindler, X; Lennard, C; Roux, C
2017-01-01Workplace bullying in the Australian health context: a systematic reviewChadwick, S; Travaglia, J
2016-06-01Evaluation of one-step luminescent cyanoacrylate fumingKhuu, A; Chadwick, S; Spindler, X; Lam, R; Moret, S; Roux, C
2016-01-01NMR spectroscopy in first-year chemistry at the university of technology SydneyAlexander, J; Ashmore, J; Baker, A; Chadwick, S