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16-Jan-2019Panel Session - Women in Engineering Networking PanelChakraborty, S; Ros, M; Cheng, E; Goncher, A; Vial, A
2019Factors Influencing the Adoption of Electronic Health Records in the Australian EnvironmentOuheda, S; Hafeez-Baig, A; Chakraborty, S; Gururajan, R
1-Nov-2016Process development for the production of bioethanol from waste algal biomass of Gracilaria verrucosaShukla, R; Kumar, M; Chakraborty, S; Gupta, R; Kumar, S; Sahoo, D; Kuhad, RC
1-Nov-2016A K-Band Frequency Doubler with 35-dB Fundamental Rejection Based on Novel Transformer Balun in 0.13-μm SiGe TechnologyChakraborty, S; Milner, LE; Zhu, X; Hall, LT; Sevimli, O; Heimlich, MC
18-Oct-2016Characterisation of a transformer balun for a 7-15 GHz SiGe frequency doublerChakraborty, S; Milner, LE; Hall, LT; Zhu, X; Sevimli, O; Heimlich, M
9-Aug-2016An ultra-compact integrated millimeter-wave coupled-line resonator and a bandpass filter in silicon-germanium technologyZhu, X; Yang, Y; Chakraborty, S; Sevimli, O; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, M; Xue, Q
1-Mar-2016A broadside-coupled meander-line resonator in 0.13-μm SiGe technology for millimeter-wave applicationChakraborty, S; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Sevimli, O; Xue, Q; Esselle, K; Heimlich, M
6-Aug-2015Multifaceted modelling of complex business enterprisesChakraborty, S; Mengersen, K; Fidge, C; Ma, L; Lassen, D
1-Jan-2015A wideband transformer-coupled frequency quadrupler using an asymmetrical balun in 0.25μm SiGe for backhaul communicationChakraborty, S; Zhu, X; Sevimli, O; Heimlich, M