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2023-08-29The Impact on Employment for Rural Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers Travelling to Major Cities for TreatmentJohnston, EA; Craig, N; Stiller, A; Zajdlewicz, L; Aitken, JF; Ireland, MJ; Dunn, J; Chambers, SK; Goodwin, BC; Chen, Q-W
2023-08Effects of supervised exercise and self-managed psychosexual therapy on sexual health in men with prostate cancer: A randomized clinical trial.Galvao, DA; Chambers, SK; Taaffe, DR; Cormie, P; Schumacher, O; Gardiner, RA; Spry, N; Lopez, P; Joseph, DJ; Tang, C; Hayne, D; Newton, RU
2023-08Effect of exercise mode specificity on quality of life in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen suppression.Taaffe, DR; Newton, RU; Spry, N; Chambers, SK; Gardiner, RA; Lopez, P; Joseph, DJ; Galvao, DA
2023-07-01Efficacy and Feasibility of Presurgical Exercise in Bladder Cancer Patients Scheduled for Open Radical Cystectomy.Taaffe, DR; McCombie, SP; Galvão, DA; Newton, RU; LA Bianca, S; Chambers, SK; Spry, N; Singh, F; Lopez, P; Schumacher, O; Hawks, C; Hayne, D
2023-04Acceptability of a virtual prostate cancer survivorship care model in regional Australia: A qualitative exploratory study.Heneka, N; Chambers, SK; Schaefer, I; Dunn, J
2023-01Translating the prostate cancer survivorship essentials framework into clinical practice: a participatory research process analysisHeneka, N; Crowe, H; Chambers, SK; Costello, A; Crowe, J; Dundee, P; Heerey, R; Stijnen, E; Bolger, C; Schaefer, I; Dunn, J
2023Disease mapping: Geographic differences in population rates of interventional treatment for prostate cancer in Australia.Cameron, JK; Chandrasiri, U; Millar, J; Aitken, JF; Cramb, S; Dunn, J; Frydenberg, M; Rashid, P; Mengersen, K; Chambers, SK; Baade, PD; Smith, DP; De Camargo Cancela, M
2022-12Support-seeking by cancer caregivers living in rural Australia.Johnston, EA; Goodwin, BC; Myers, L; March, S; Aitken, JF; Chambers, SK; Dunn, J
2022-11-18A Vanguard Approach to the Design and Delivery of Nurse-Led Survivorship Care.Sara, SAM; Chambers, SK; Briggs, R; Heneka, N; Dunn, J
2022-11Supportive care needs and psychosocial outcomes of rural versus urban women with breast cancer.Eggins, R; Fowler, H; Cameron, J; Aitken, JF; Youl, P; Turrell, G; Chambers, SK; Dunn, J; Pyke, C; Baade, PD; Goodwin, B
2022-09A prognostic survival model for women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Queensland, Australia.Baade, PD; Fowler, H; Kou, K; Dunn, J; Chambers, SK; Pyke, C; Aitken, JF
2022-07The quality of life of regional and remote cancer caregivers in Australia.Goodwin, BC; Crawford-Williams, F; Ireland, M; March, S; Chambers, SK; Aitken, JF; Dunn, J
2022-06-06Weight loss for overweight and obese patients with prostate cancer: a study protocol of a randomised trial comparing clinic-based versus Telehealth delivered EXercise and nutrition intervention (the TelEX trial).Galvão, DA; Taaffe, DR; Hayne, D; Lopez, P; Lyons-Wall, P; Tang, CI; Chambers, SK; Devine, A; Spry, N; Jeffery, E; Kudiarasu, C; Joseph, D; Newton, RU
2022-03-29Identifying modifiable features of home bowel cancer screening kits to facilitate use: consumer perspectives.Goodwin, BC; Viljoen, B; Myers, L; Ireland, MJ; Dunn, J; Chambers, SK; Ralph, N; Aitken, JF
2022-01-01Exploring predictors of and barriers to online prostate cancer community use: A cross-sectional survey of users and non-users.Pyle, D; Tehan, G; Lamont-Mills, A; Chambers, SK
2022Experiences of participants in a clinical trial of a novel radioactive treatment for advanced prostate cancer: A nested, qualitative longitudinal study.Viljoen, B; Hofman, MS; Chambers, SK; Dunn, J; Dhillon, HM; Davis, ID; Ralph, N
2022Information needs and preferences among rural cancer survivors in Queensland, Australia: a qualitative examination.Crawford-Williams, F; Goodwin, BC; Chambers, SK; Aitken, JF; Ford, M; Dunn, J
2021-10-27Experiences of female partners of prostate cancer survivors: A systematic review and thematic synthesisGreen, A; Winter, N; DiGiacomo, M; Oliffe, JL; Ralph, N; Dunn, J; Chambers, SK
2021-08-09The Supportive Care Needs of Regional and Remote Cancer CaregiversStiller, A; Goodwin, BC; Crawford-Williams, F; March, S; Ireland, M; Aitken, JF; Dunn, J; Chambers, SK
2021-08-09Advanced prostate cancer experimental radioactive treatment-clinical trial decision making: patient experiences.Viljoen, B; Hofman, MS; Chambers, SK; Dunn, J; Dhillon, H; Davis, ID; Ralph, N