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2021-01-01The Emergence of Labor Unions from Within Hong Kong's Protest MovementChan, A
2020-02-01Standard of practice in geriatric medicine for pharmacy servicesElliott, RA; Chan, A; Godbole, G; Hendrix, I; Pont, LG; Sfetcopoulos, D; Woodward, J; Munro, C
2019-12-01Geospatial modelling of watershed peak flood discharge in Selangor, MalaysiaCheah, R; Billa, L; Chan, A; Teo, FY; Pradhan, B; Alamri, AM
2018-04-01Translating Intervention: When Corporate Culture Meets Chinese SocialismChan, A; Clegg, S; Warr, M
2016-09A systematic review of assessment and intervention strategies for effective clinical communication in culturally and linguistically diverse students.Chan, A; Purcell, A; Power, E
2015-01-01‘The revolution will not be televised’: the institutional work of radical change in China’s Cultural RevolutionChan, A; Clegg, S; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A
2014-01-01Deliberative Democracy at China’s Grassroots: Case Studies of a Hidden PhenomenonUnger, J; Chan, A; Chung, H
2014The Chinese Trade Union Federation at the Crossroads - Relaxing Control Over Labour or Risking Labour InstabilityChan, A; Harris, P
2013-03-01THE GLOBAL VALUE CHAIN: Value for Whom? The Soccer Ball Industry in China and PakistanXue, H; Chan, A
2013-01'Die internationale Gewerkschaftsbewegung, Arbeitskonflikte und Aussichten auf Tarifverhandlungen in China' (Strikes in China's Export Industries and the Reaction of the Chinese Government and Official Trade Union),Chan, A; Egger, G; Fuchs, D; Immervill, T; Steinmassl, L
2012-11-01Labour in Global Value Chains: Work Conditions in Football Manufacturing in China, India and PakistanLund-Thomsen, P; Nadvi, K; Chan, A; Khara, N; Xue, H
2012-01-01Chinese migrant workers: Factors constraining the emergence of class consciousnessChan, A; Siu, K
2011-12-01IntroductionChan, A
2011-12-01Strikes in Vietnam and China in Taiwanese-owned factories: Diverging industrial relations patternsChan, A
2011-01-01Strikes in China's export industries in comparative perspectiveChan, A
2011-01Practicing Cheer: The Diary of a Low-level Supervisor at a Walmart China StoreMyers, SE; Chan, A; Anita Chan
2011-01Unionizing Chinese Walmart StoresChan, A; Anita Chan
2011-01Did Unionization Make a Difference? Work Conditions and Trade Union Activity at Chinese Walmart StoresChan, A; Unger, J; Beaumont, D; Anita Chan
2011-01When the World's Largest Company Encounters the World's Biggest CountryChan, A; Anita Chan
2010-12-01Corporate accountability and the potential for workers' representation in ChinaChan, A