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2022-12Benefits of supportive strategies for carers of people with high-grade glioma: a systematic review : Strategies for addressing the needs of high-grade glioma carers.Jones, D; Pinkham, MB; Wallen, MP; Hart, NH; Joseph, R; Strodl, E; Ownsworth, T; Beesley, V; Crichton, M; Chan, RJ
2022-10-14Clinical Management of Financial Toxicity-Identifying Opportunities through Experiential Insights of Cancer Survivors, Caregivers, and Social Workers.Longo, CJ; Gordon, LG; Nund, RL; Hart, NH; Teleni, L; Thamm, C; Hollingdrake, O; Crawford-Williams, F; Koczwara, B; Ownsworth, T; Born, S; Schoonbeek, S; Stone, L; Barrett, C; Chan, RJ
2022-10Diet and exercise advice and referrals for cancer survivors: an integrative review of medical and nursing perspectives.Joseph, R; Hart, NH; Bradford, N; Agbejule, OA; Koczwara, B; Chan, A; Wallen, MP; Chan, RJ
2022-10The Effects of Multimodal Prehabilitation Interventions in Men Affected by Prostate Cancer on Physical, Clinical and Patient Reported Outcome Measures: A Systematic Review.Paterson, C; Roberts, C; Kozlovskaia, M; Nahon, I; Schubach, K; Sara, S; Sayner, AM; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Turner, M; Chan, RJ; Lam, T; Woo, H; Toohey, K
2022-09Exercise for people with bone metastases: MASCC endorsed clinical recommendations developed by the International Bone Metastases Exercise Working Group.Hart, NH; Poprawski, DM; Ashbury, F; Fitch, MI; Chan, RJ; Newton, RU; Campbell, KL
2022-08Unmet supportive care needs of people with advanced cancer and their caregivers: A systematic scoping review.Hart, NH; Crawford-Williams, F; Crichton, M; Yee, J; Smith, TJ; Koczwara, B; Fitch, MI; Crawford, GB; Mukhopadhyay, S; Mahony, J; Cheah, C; Townsend, J; Cook, O; Agar, MR; Chan, RJ
2022-08Dual contribution of the gut microbiome to immunotherapy efficacy and toxicity: supportive care implications and recommendations.Wardill, HR; Chan, RJ; Chan, A; Keefe, D; Costello, SP; Hart, NH
2022-07Cancer survivorship care and general practice: A qualitative study of roles of general practice team members in Australia.Fox, J; Thamm, C; Mitchell, G; Emery, J; Rhee, J; Hart, NH; Yates, P; Jefford, M; Koczwara, B; Halcomb, E; Steinhardt, R; O'Reilly, R; Chan, RJ
2022-06-26Dietary Supplements in People with Metastatic Cancer Who Are Experiencing Malnutrition, Cachexia, Sarcopenia, and Frailty: A Scoping Review.Johal, J; Han, CY; Joseph, R; Munn, Z; Agbejule, OA; Crawford-Williams, F; Wallen, MP; Chan, RJ; Hart, NH
2022-06-09Non-Pharmacological Self-Management Strategies for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in People with Advanced Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Crichton, M; Yates, PM; Agbejule, OA; Spooner, A; Chan, RJ; Hart, NH
2022-06Barriers and facilitators to exercise among adult cancer survivors in Singapore.Chan, A; Ports, K; Neo, P; Ramalingam, MB; Lim, AT; Tan, B; Hart, NH; Chan, RJ; Loh, K
2022-06Conventional supportive cancer care services in Australia: A national service mapping study (The CIA study).Pinkham, EP; Teleni, L; Nixon, JL; McKinnel, E; Brown, B; Joseph, R; Wishart, LR; Miller, E; Ward, EC; Hart, NH; Lock, G; Hanley, B; Chan, RJ
2022-05-16Telehealth cancer-related fatigue clinic model for cancer survivors: a pilot randomised controlled trial protocol (the T-CRF trial).Ladwa, R; Pinkham, EP; Teleni, L; Hanley, B; Lock, G; Nixon, J; Agbejule, OA; Crawford-Williams, F; Jones, L; Pinkham, MB; Turner, J; Yates, P; McPhail, SM; Aitken, JF; Escalante, CP; Hart, NH; Chan, RJ
2022-05Self-management support for cancer-related fatigue: A systematic review.Agbejule, OA; Hart, NH; Ekberg, S; Crichton, M; Chan, RJ
2022-04Outcomes of cancer survivorship education and training for primary care providers: a systematic review.Chan, RJ; Agbejule, OA; Yates, PM; Emery, J; Jefford, M; Koczwara, B; Hart, NH; Crichton, M; Nekhlyudov, L
2022-02Evidence-informed implementation of nurse prescribing under supervision: An integrative review.Fox, A; Joseph, R; Cardiff, L; Thoms, D; Yates, P; Nissen, L; Chan, RJ
2022-01-01What workforce preparation is required for successful implementation of nurse prescribing under supervision?Fox, A; Thamm, C; Crawford-Williams, F; Joseph, R; Cardiff, L; Thoms, D; Nissen, L; Yates, P; Chan, RJ
2022-01Exploring the role of general practitioners in addressing financial toxicity in cancer patients.Thamm, C; Fox, J; Hart, NH; Rhee, J; Koczwara, B; Emery, J; Milley, K; Nund, RL; Chan, RJ
2014-06-02The withdrawal of the Liverpool care pathway in the United Kingdom: What are the implications for Australia?Chan, RJ; Webster, J; Phillips, J; Currow, DC
2014-01-01Do palliative care health professionals settle for low-level evidence?Chan, RJ; Phillips, J; Currow, D