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2022-12-01A person-centred problemChapman, M; Philip, J; Komesaroff, P
2022-06An Ethical Framework for Visitation of Inpatients Receiving Palliative Care in the COVID-19 Context.Russell, B; William, L; Chapman, M
2022-01-18The effects of physical exercise in the palliative care phase for people with advanced cancer: a systematic review with meta-analysis.Toohey, K; Chapman, M; Rushby, A-M; Urban, K; Ingham, G; Singh, B
2022-01-01Bereaved caregivers’ satisfaction with end-of-life careFrame, A; Grant, JB; Layard, E; Scholz, B; Law, E; Ranse, K; Mitchell, I; Chapman, M
2021-12-05Care of older people and people requiring palliative care with COVID-19: guidance from the Australian National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce.Cheyne, S; Lindley, RI; Smallwood, N; Tendal, B; Chapman, M; Fraile Navarro, D; Good, PD; Jenkin, P; McDonald, S; Morgan, D; Murano, M; Millard, T; Naganathan, V; Srikanth, V; Tuffin, P; Vogel, J; White, H; Chakraborty, SP; Whiting, E; William, L; Yates, PM; Callary, M; Elliott, J; Agar, MR; National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce,
2021-07-22Context and mechanisms that enable implementation of specialist palliative care Needs Rounds in care homes: results from a qualitative interview study.Koerner, J; Johnston, N; Samara, J; Liu, W-M; Chapman, M; Forbat, L
2021-06Duality of roles and the provision of high-quality end-of-life care in the intensive care.Martin, D; Moodie, S; O'Leary, MJ; McGee, A; Radford, S; Opdam, H; D'Costa, RL; Carter, A; Cavazzoni, E; Chapman, M; Jones, SL; Nunnink, L; Turner, AJ; van Haren, FMP
2020-12Systems of Care in Crisis: The Changing Nature of Palliative Care During COVID-19.Chapman, M; Russell, B; Philip, J
2020-10Prioritising workforce wellbeing and resilience: What COVID-19 is reminding us about self-care and staff support.Mills, J; Ramachenderan, J; Chapman, M; Greenland, R; Agar, M
2020-10Conflicts of interest in the context of end of life care for potential organ donors in Australia.van Haren, FMP; Carter, A; Cavazzoni, E; Chapman, M; D'Costa, RL; Jones, SL; McGee, A; Moodie, S; Nunnink, L; O'Leary, M; Opdam, H; Radford, S; Turner, AJ; Martin, D
2020-10Clinicians' accounts of communication with patients in end-of-life care contexts: A systematic review.Scholz, B; Goncharov, L; Emmerich, N; Lu, VN; Chapman, M; Clark, SJ; Wilson, T; Slade, D; Mitchell, I
2020-07-03Staying connected and informed: Online resources and virtual communities of practice supporting palliative care during the novel coronavirus pandemicMills, J; Li, C; Fullerton, S; Chapman, M; Jap, J; Sinclair, C; Collins, A; Campbell, E
2020-05Reducing time in acute hospitals: A stepped-wedge randomised control trial of a specialist palliative care intervention in residential care homes.Forbat, L; Liu, W-M; Koerner, J; Lam, L; Samara, J; Chapman, M; Johnston, N
2020Improved Quality of Death and Dying in Care Homes: A Palliative Care Stepped Wedge Randomized Control Trial in Australia.Liu, W-M; Koerner, J; Lam, L; Johnston, N; Samara, J; Chapman, M; Forbat, L
2019-06Towards an Ecology of Dementia: A Manifesto.Chapman, M; Philip, J; Komesaroff, P
2019-03Normalising and planning for death in residential care: findings from a qualitative focus group study of a specialist palliative care intervention.Johnston, N; Lovell, C; Liu, W-M; Chapman, M; Forbat, L
2018-09Improving specialist palliative care in residential care for older people: a checklist to guide practice.Forbat, L; Chapman, M; Lovell, C; Liu, W-M; Johnston, N
2018-03Avoiding costly hospitalisation at end of life: findings from a specialist palliative care pilot in residential care for older adults.Chapman, M; Johnston, N; Lovell, C; Forbat, L; Liu, W-M
2017-05How and why are subcutaneous fluids administered in an advanced illness population: a systematic review.Forbat, L; Kunicki, N; Chapman, M; Lovell, C
2016-09-01Utilizing the experience of consumers in consultation to develop the australasian oncofertility consortium charterAnazodo, AC; Gerstl, B; Stern, CJ; Mclachlan, RI; Agresta, F; Jayasinghe, Y; Cohn, RJ; Wakefield, CE; Chapman, M; Ledger, W; Sullivan, EA