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3-Dec-2013Discrete dipole approximation in time domain through the Laplace transformChaumet, PC; Zhang, T; Rahmani, A; Gralak, B; Belkebir, K
20-May-2013Optical binding of magnetodielectric Rayleigh particlesChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
30-Jan-2013Invisibility and supervisibility: Radiation dynamics in a discrete electromagnetic cloakRahmani, A; Steel, MJ; Chaumet, PC
8-May-2012Electromagnetic forces on a discrete spherical invisibility cloak under time-harmonic illuminationChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Zolla, F; Nicolet, A
7-Sep-2011Optical force on a discrete invisibility cloak in time-dependent fieldsChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Zolla, F; Nicolet, A; Belkebir, K
31-Jan-2011Discrete dipole approximation for time-domain computation of optical forces on magnetodielectric scatterersChaumet, PC; Belkebir, K; Rahmani, A
12-Apr-2010Discrete dipole approximation for the study of radiation dynamics in a magnetodielectric environmentRahmani, A; Chaumet, PC; Bryant, GW
12-Feb-2010Optical forces in time domain on arbitrary objectsChaumet, PC; Belkebir, K; Rahmani, A
Jan-2010Optical binding of electrically small magnetodielectric particlesJay, K; Chaumet, PC; Langtry, T; Rahmani, A
1-Apr-2009Efficient iterative solution of the discrete dipole approximation for magnetodielectric scatterersChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
16-Feb-2009Electromagnetic force and torque on magnetic and negative-index scatterersChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
1-Jan-2009Coupled-dipole method for magnetic and negative-refraction materialsChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
8-Dec-2008Coupled-dipole method in time domainChaumet, PC; Belkebir, K; Rahmani, A
20-Jul-2006Local-field enhancement in an optical force metallic nanotrap: Application to single-molecule spectroscopyChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Nieto-Vesperinas, M
26-Jun-2006Optical trapping near a photonic crystalRahmani, A; Chaumet, PC
2-May-2006Coupled dipole method for radiation dynamics in finite photonic crystal structuresBordas, F; Louvion, N; Callard, S; Chaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
1-Oct-2005Efficient computation of optical forces with the coupled dipole methodChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Sentenac, A; Bryant, GW
1-Jan-2005Photonic force spectroscopy on metallic and absorbing nanoparticlesChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Nieto-Vesperinas, M
1-Jun-2004On the importance of local-field corrections for polarizable particles on a finite lattice: Application to the discrete dipole approximationRahmani, A; Chaumet, PC; Bryant, GW
15-Apr-2004Near-field photonic forcesNieto-Vesperinas, M; Chaumet, PC; Rahmani, A