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2023-10-20Compass+Ring: A Multimodal Menu to Improve Interaction Performance and Comfortability in One-handed ScenariosChen, X; Guo, D; Feng, L; Chen, B; Liu, W
2023-08-01VPFL: A verifiable privacy-preserving federated learning scheme for edge computing systemsZhang, J; Liu, Y; Wu, D; Lou, S; Chen, B; Yu, S
2023-07-10Investigating Users' Understanding of Privacy Policies of Virtual Personal Assistant ApplicationsChen, B; Wu, T; Zhang, Y; Chhetri, MB; Bai, G
2023-05-01Collective-based ad transparency in targeted hotel advertising: Consumers’ regulatory focus underlying the crowd safety effectCheng, J; Chen, B; Huang, Z
2023-02-02Effective Emotion Recognition by Learning Discriminative Graph Topologies in EEG Brain Networks.Li, C; Li, P; Zhang, Y; Li, N; Si, Y; Li, F; Cao, Z; Chen, H; Chen, B; Yao, D; Xu, P
2022-04Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation: the second round of challenges.Meyer, F; Fritz, A; Deng, Z-L; Koslicki, D; Lesker, TR; Gurevich, A; Robertson, G; Alser, M; Antipov, D; Beghini, F; Bertrand, D; Brito, JJ; Brown, CT; Buchmann, J; Buluç, A; Chen, B; Chikhi, R; Clausen, PTLC; Cristian, A; Dabrowski, PW; Darling, AE; Egan, R; Eskin, E; Georganas, E; Goltsman, E; Gray, MA; Hansen, LH; Hofmeyr, S; Huang, P; Irber, L; Jia, H; Jørgensen, TS; Kieser, SD; Klemetsen, T; Kola, A; Kolmogorov, M; Korobeynikov, A; Kwan, J; LaPierre, N; Lemaitre, C; Li, C; Limasset, A; Malcher-Miranda, F; Mangul, S; Marcelino, VR; Marchet, C; Marijon, P; Meleshko, D; Mende, DR; Milanese, A; Nagarajan, N; Nissen, J; Nurk, S; Oliker, L; Paoli, L; Peterlongo, P; Piro, VC; Porter, JS; Rasmussen, S; Rees, ER; Reinert, K; Renard, B; Robertsen, EM; Rosen, GL; Ruscheweyh, H-J; Sarwal, V; Segata, N; Seiler, E; Shi, L; Sun, F; Sunagawa, S; Sørensen, SJ; Thomas, A; Tong, C; Trajkovski, M; Tremblay, J; Uritskiy, G; Vicedomini, R; Wang, Z; Wang, Z; Wang, Z; Warren, A; Willassen, NP; Yelick, K; You, R; Zeller, G; Zhao, Z; Zhu, S; Zhu, J; Garrido-Oter, R; Gastmeier, P; Hacquard, S; Häußler, S; Khaledi, A; Maechler, F; Mesny, F; Radutoiu, S; Schulze-Lefert, P; Smit, N; Strowig, T; Bremges, A; Sczyrba, A; McHardy, AC
2022-03-21Writing for Publication: Engaging Your AudienceTsai, Y-S; Peffer, M; Aileen Shibani Michael Xavier, A; Hilliger, I; Chen, B; Fan, Y; Kaliisa, R; Dowell, N; Knight, S
2022-02-01MagMonitor: Vehicle Speed Estimation and Vehicle Classification Through A Magnetic SensorFeng, Y; Mao, G; Chen, B; Li, C; Hui, Y; Xu, Z; Chen, J
2022-01-01Sustainable production of lutein—an underexplored commercially relevant pigment from microalgaeMuhammad, G; Butler, TO; Chen, B; Lv, Y; Xiong, W; Zhao, X; Solovchenko, AE; Zhao, A; Mofijur, M; Xu, J; Alam, MA
2021-08Determination of OCPs, OPPs, and 21 SVOCs in water and sediment samples in five rivers of Shenzhen, China, during the period of 2017 and 2018.Qiu, W; Shao, H; Jin, W; Xiong, Y; Xu, B; Chen, B
2021-06-01PFAS and their substitutes in groundwater: Occurrence, transformation and remediationXu, B; Liu, S; Zhou, JL; Zheng, C; Weifeng, J; Chen, B; Zhang, T; Qiu, W
2021-03-01PoisonGAN: Generative Poisoning Attacks against Federated Learning in Edge Computing SystemsZhang, J; Chen, B; Cheng, X; Binh, HTT; Yu, S
2021-02-15An active noise control method of non-stationary noise under time-variant secondary pathChen, B; Guo, R; Yu, S; Yu, Y
2021-02-06Transcriptomic Analyses of MYCN-Regulated Genes in Anaplastic Wilms' Tumour Cell Lines Reveals Oncogenic Pathways and Potential Therapeutic Vulnerabilities.Szemes, M; Melegh, Z; Bellamy, J; Park, JH; Chen, B; Greenhough, A; Catchpoole, D; Malik, K
2021-02-01Large few-layer hexagonal boron nitride flakes for nonlinear optics.Bernhardt, N; Kim, S; Fröch, JE; White, SJU; Duong, NMH; He, Z; Chen, B; Liu, J; Aharonovich, I; Solntsev, AS
2021In-Situ Electrochemically Activated Surface Vanadium Valence in V<inf>2</inf>C MXene to Achieve High Capacity and Superior Rate Performance for Zn-Ion BatteriesLiu, Y; Jiang, Y; Hu, Z; Peng, J; Lai, W; Wu, D; Zuo, S; Zhang, J; Chen, B; Dai, Z; Yang, Y; Huang, Y; Zhang, W; Zhao, W; Zhang, W; Wang, L; Chou, S
2021Enhanced emission and second harmonic generation from WS<inf>2</inf> by using dielectric circular Bragg resonatorsChen, B; He, Z; Liu, ZJ; Wang, YK; Gao, YN; Aharonovich, I; Xu, ZQ; Liu, J
2021Futurama: Learning design and technology research methodsRomero-Hall, E; Correia, AP; Branch, RM; Cevik, YD; Dickson-Deane, C; Chen, B; Liu, JC; Tang, H; Vasconcelos, L; Pallitt, N; Thankachan, B
2020-12-01Compound fault identification of rolling element bearing based on adaptive resonant frequency band extractionChen, B; Peng, F; Wang, H; Yu, Y
2020-08-01Simultaneously enhanced linear and nonlinear photon generations from WS<inf>2</inf>by using dielectric circular Bragg resonatorsChen, B; He, Z; Liu, ZJ; Wang, YK; Gao, YN; Aharonovich, I; Xu, ZQ; Liu, J