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2023-12-01Assessment of modeling methods for predicting load resulting from hydrogen-air detonationChen, D; Wu, C; Li, J
2023-12-01Photoreduction adjusted surface oxygen vacancy of Bi<inf>2</inf>MoO<inf>6</inf> for boosting photocatalytic redox performanceShi, T; Jia, H; Feng, Y; Gong, B; Chen, D; Liang, Y; Ding, H; Chen, K; Hao, D
2023-07Bioremediation of PAEs-contaminated saline soil: The application of a marine bacterial strain isolated from mangrove sediment.Ren, L; Weng, L; Chen, D; Hu, H; Jia, Y; Zhou, JL
2023-06Systematic in vitro and in vivo study on biodegradable binary Zn-0.2 at% Rare Earth alloys (Zn-RE: Sc, Y, La–Nd, Sm–Lu)Du, S; Shen, Y; Zheng, Y; Cheng, Y; Xu, X; Chen, D; Xia, D
2023-05-01Parametric Study on Natural Gas Leakage and Diffusion in TunnelsLiao, K; Wang, Y; Chen, D; He, G; Huang, Y; Zhang, S; Qin, M; He, T
2023-05Development and validation of a risk prediction model for the recurrence of foot ulcer in type 2 diabetes in China: A longitudinal cohort study based on a systematic review and meta-analysis.Wang, M; Chen, D; Fu, H; Xu, H; Lin, S; Ge, T; Ren, Q; Song, Z; Ding, M; Chang, J; Fan, T; Xing, Q; Sun, M; Li, X; Chen, L; Chang, B
2023-04-01An overpressure-time history model of methane-air explosion in tunnel-shape spaceChen, D; Wu, C; Li, J; Liao, K
2023-04Investigation into the enablers and barriers of career satisfaction among Australian oral health therapists.Chen, D; Hayes, MJ; Holden, ACL
2023-01-01A Novel Programmable Stacked Patch Antenna with the Diversity of Sixteen Linear Polarizations and Four Frequency BandsGuo, P; Zhong, W; Chen, SL; Chen, D; Liu, Y
2023-01-01Cross-modal Data Augmentation for Tasks of Different ModalitiesChen, D; Zhuang, Y; Shen, Z; Yang, C; Wang, G; Tang, S; Yang, Y
2023-01-01Numerical Simulation on the Flame Merging Behavior of the Multiple Pool Fires on Two Adjacent LNG Tanks with FLACSHe, G; Jiang, X; Tang, X; Liu, K; Chen, D; Liao, K
2023Alibaba’s Use of Artificial Intelligence to Engage with Millions of Daily Customer Service EnquiresWang, Y; Mintz, O; Chen, D; Chen, K
2022-09-01A Polarization Programmable Antenna ArrayChen, D; Liu, Y; Li, M; Guo, P; Zeng, Z; Hu, J; Guo, YJ
2022-09Removal of persistent acetophenone from industrial waste-water via bismuth ferrite nanostructures.Irfan, S; Khan, SB; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Aizaz Ud Din, M; Dong, F; Chen, D
2022-08-10Quantum Interference of Resonance Fluorescence from Germanium-Vacancy Color Centers in Diamond.Chen, D; Fröch, JE; Ru, S; Cai, H; Wang, N; Adamo, G; Scott, J; Li, F; Zheludev, N; Aharonovich, I; Gao, W
2022-06-01A numerical study of gas explosion with progressive venting in a utility tunnelChen, D; Wu, C; Li, J; Liao, K
2022-05-30Enriched surface oxygen vacancies of BiOCl boosting efficient charge separation, whole visible-light absorption, and photo to thermal conversionZhong, Y; Wu, C; Feng, Y; Chen, D; Wang, Y; Hao, D; Ding, H
2022-05-27Excited-State Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Spin Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Mu, Z; Cai, H; Chen, D; Kenny, J; Jiang, Z; Ru, S; Lyu, X; Koh, TS; Liu, X; Aharonovich, I; Gao, W
2022-01-01High-Gain Multi-Linear Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna in the Millimeter-Wave BandChen, SL; Liu, Y; Chen, D; Guo, YJ
2022-01-01A low-profile polarization reconfigurable antennaGuo, P; Ren, Q; Chen, D; Chen, S; Liu, Y