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2023-12Leveraging twitter data to understand nurses' emotion dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic.Zhou, J; Sheppard-Law, S; Xiao, C; Smith, J; Lamb, A; Axisa, C; Chen, F
2023-10-31Optimizing water quality with data analytics and machine learningLiang, B; Li, Z; Tian, H; Liang, S; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2023-02-01Fairness in graph-based semi-supervised learningZhang, T; Zhu, T; Han, M; Chen, F; Li, J; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2023-01-15Domain Generalization by Learning and Removing Domain-specific FeaturesDing, Y; Wang, L; Liang, B; Liang, S; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2023Artificial Intelligence in AgricultureZhou, J; Chen, F
2022-12-03Does a Compromise on Fairness Exist in Using AI Models?Zhou, J; Li, Z; Xiao, C; Chen, F
2022-12-02Learner Engagement Examination Via Computer Usage BehaviorsYu, K; Xu, J; Ou, Y; Luo, L; Chen, F
2022-12-02Sewer Corrosion Prediction for Sewer Network SustainabilityZhang, J; Li, B; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2022-12-02The Future of Transportation: How to Improve Railway Operation Performance via Advanced AI TechniquesLi, B; Guo, T; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2022-11-24AI ethics: from principles to practiceZhou, J; Chen, F
2022-11-01Sustainability Assessment of Cultural Heritage in Shandong ProvinceJiang, A; Cai, J; Chen, F; Zhang, B; Wang, Z; Xie, Q; Yu, S
2022-10-24Imitation Learning: Progress, Taxonomies and Challenges.Zheng, B; Verma, S; Zhou, J; Tsang, IW; Chen, F
2022-10-12Real-time Attention-Augmented Spatio-Temporal Networks for Video-based Driver Activity RecognitionSaleh, K; Mihaita, A-S; Yu, K; Chen, F
2022-09-29Study of Bond-Slip Behavior and Constitutive Model of a New M-Section Steel-Skeleton Concrete.Wei, J; Yang, Q; Yu, Y; Wang, Q; Zhou, L; Chen, F
2022-09-01Machine learning-guided property prediction of energetic materials: Recent advances, challenges, and perspectivesTian, XL; Song, SW; Chen, F; Qi, XJ; Wang, Y; Zhang, QH
2022-08-09A Comparative Study on Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms for Next Release ProblemRahimi, I; Gandomi, AH; Nikoo, MR; Chen, F
2022-08-01Machine learning analysis of features extracted from time–frequency domain of ultrasonic testing results for wood material assessmentMousavi, M; Gandomi, AH; Holloway, D; Berry, A; Chen, F
2022-08-01Incident duration prediction using a bi-level machine learning framework with outlier removal and intra–extra joint optimisationGrigorev, A; Mihaita, A-S; Lee, S; Chen, F
2022-06-16Fairness and Explanation in AI-Informed Decision MakingAngerschmid, A; Zhou, J; Theuermann, K; Chen, F; Holzinger, A
2022-02-04A review on COVID-19 forecasting modelsRahimi, I; Chen, F; Gandomi, AH