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2023-09-11Dual-Doped Nickel Sulfide for Electro-Upgrading Polyethylene Terephthalate into Valuable Chemicals and Hydrogen Fuel.Chen, Z; Zheng, R; Bao, T; Ma, T; Wei, W; Shen, Y; Ni, B-J
2023-09-01Multi-factor impact mechanism on the performance of high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cellChen, Z; Zuo, W; Zhou, K; Li, Q; Huang, Y; E, J
2023-05-15Anchoring Cu-N active sites on functionalized polyacrylonitrile fibers for highly selective H2S/CO2 separation.Liu, Z; Sun, G; Chen, Z; Ma, Y; Qiu, K; Li, M; Ni, B-J
2023-05-01Nanoplastics are significantly different from microplastics in urban waters.Chen, Z; Shi, X; Zhang, J; Wu, L; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2023-04Breast Cancer Screening Should Embrace Precision Medicine: Evidence by Reviewing Economic Evaluations in China.Jiang, J; Jiang, S; Ahumada-Canale, A; Chen, Z; Si, L; Jiang, Y; Yang, L; Gu, Y
2023-03-05Insights into the weathering behavior of pyrite in alkaline soil through electrochemical characterizations: Actual hazards or potentially benefits?Feng, X; Chen, Z; Wang, S; Cen, L; Ni, B-J; Liu, Q
2023-03-01A novel strategy for efficiently transforming waste activated sludge into medium-chain fatty acid using free nitrous acid.Wang, C; Wang, Y; Chen, Z; Wei, W; Chen, X; Mannina, G; Ni, B-J
2023-03-01Effects of structure parameters of tube outlet on the performance of a hydrogen-fueled micro planar combustor for thermophotovoltaic applicationsZuo, W; Chen, Z; Jiaqiang, E; Li, Q; Zhang, G; Huang, Y
2023-02-22Eco-designed electrocatalysts for water splitting: A path toward carbon neutralityChen, Z; Wei, W; Chen, H; Ni, BJ
2023-02-10Towards efficient heterotrophic recovery of N2O via Fe(II)EDTA-NO: A modeling study.Deng, R; Huo, P; Chen, X; Chen, Z; Yang, L; Liu, Y; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2023-02-01Back propagation neural network-based torque ripple reduction strategy for high frequency square-wave voltage injection-based interior permanent magnet synchronous motor sensorless controlLi, Y; Chen, Z; Sun, X; Gao, C; Liu, X; Guo, Y
2023-02-01Multi-objective optimization of proton exchange membrane fuel cells by RSM and NSGA-IIChen, Z; Zuo, W; Zhou, K; Li, Q; Huang, Y; E, J
2023-01-15Long-chain alcohol production in open culture anaerobic fermentationWu, L; Wei, W; Chen, Z; Chen, X; Ni, BJ
2023-01-05Online TG-FTIR-MS analysis of the catalytic pyrolysis of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride microplastics.Liu, X; Tian, K; Chen, Z; Wei, W; Xu, B; Ni, B-J
2023-01-01Different microplastics distinctively enriched the antibiotic resistance genes in anaerobic sludge digestion through shifting specific hosts and promoting horizontal gene flow.Luo, T; Dai, X; Chen, Z; Wu, L; Wei, W; Xu, Q; Ni, B-J
2023-01-01Sustainability assessment of biochar applicationsLiu, X; Deng, L; Chen, Z; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Wang, D
2023-01-01A Novel Self-tuning Speed Control Scheme for the Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorChen, C; Chen, Z; Li, Y; Liu, X; Guo, Y
2022-12-20High-Contrast Luminescent Immunohistochemistry Using PEGylated Lanthanide Complexes.Su, F; Luo, X; Du, Z; Chen, Z; Liu, Y; Jin, X; Guo, Z; Lu, J; Jin, D
2022-12-01Waste-Derived Catalysts for Water Electrolysis: Circular Economy-Driven Sustainable Green Hydrogen Energy.Chen, Z; Yun, S; Wu, L; Zhang, J; Shi, X; Wei, W; Liu, Y; Zheng, R; Han, N; Ni, B-J
2022-12-01Miniaturized dual-band ridged substrate integrated waveguide cavity resonator and band-pass filtersCao, R; Deng, JY; Shang, RM; Lin, W; Chen, Z