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2020-09-11Accurate prediction of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites via boost-learning various types of sequence features.Zhao Z; Zhang X; Chen F; Fang L; Li J
2020-06A Radial Visualisation for Model Comparison and Feature IdentificationZhou J; Huang W; Chen F
2020Effects of Personality Traits on User Trust in Predictive Decision MakingZhou J; Luo S; Chen F
2019-11-01Performance Improvement of Model Predictive Current Control of Fault-Tolerant Five-Phase Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Motor DriveHuang W; Hua W; Chen F; Qi J; Zhu J
2019-10-14Collaborative topic regression for predicting topic-based social influenceHamzehei A; Wong RK; Koutra D; Chen F
2019-09-01Enhancing portfolio return based on sentiment-of-topicChu VW; Wong RK; Chen F; Ho I; Lee J
2019-08-01AI in the public interestChen F; Zhou J; Bertram C; Gibson A; Nugent A
2019-01-20Open-circuit Fault-tolerant Strategies for a Five-phase Flux-switching Permanent Magnet Motor Based on Model Predictive Torque Control MethodChen F; Hua W; Huang W; Zhu J; Tong M
2019-01-01A qualitative investigation of bank employee experiences of information security and phishingConway D; Taib R; Harris M; Berkovsky S; Yu K; Chen F
2019-01-01Optimising Pump Scheduling for Water Distribution NetworksZhao Y; Liang B; Wang Y; Dang S; Taib R; Chen F; Hua T; Vitanage D; Doolan C
2019-01-01A conditional Bayesian delay propagation model for large-scale railway traffic networksZhang Y; Li R; Guo T; Li Z; Wang Y; Chen F
2019-01-01Online engagement for a healthier you: A Case Study of Web-based Supermarket Health ProgramLuo L; Li B; Berkovsky S; Koprinska I; Chen F
2019Multimodal behavioral and physiological signals as indicators of cognitive loadZhou J; Yu K; Chen F; Wang Y; Arshad SZ; Oviatt S; Schuller B; Cohen P; Sonntag D; Potamianos G; Krueger A
-Examination of community sentiment dynamics due to covid-19 pandemic: a case study from AustraliaZhou J; Yang S; Xiao C; Chen F