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2020-12-01Biomimetic 3D Fe/CeO<inf>2</inf> decorated N-doped carbon nanotubes architectures for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteriesWang T; Su D; Chen Y; Yan K; Yu L; Liu L; Zhong Y; Notten PHL; Wang C; Wang G
2020-11-163D Rotation-Trackable and Differentiable Micromachines 2 with Dimer-Type Structures for Dynamic BioanalysisLin G; Liu Y; Huang G; Chen Y; Makarov D; Lin J; Quan Z; Jin D
2020-11-04Coding and decoding stray magnetic fields for multiplexing kinetic bioassay platform.Liu Y; Lin G; Chen Y; Mönch I; Makarov D; Walsh BJ; Jin D
2020-11-01A functional hyperbranched binder enabling ultra-stable sulfur cathode for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteryLuo X; Lu X; Chen X; Chen Y; Yu C; Su D; Wang G; Cui L
2020-09-01Construction of SiO<inf>2</inf>-TiO<inf>2</inf>/g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> composite photocatalyst for hydrogen production and pollutant degradation: Insight into the effect of SiO<inf>2</inf>Sun S; Ding H; Mei L; Chen Y; Hao Q; Chen W; Xu Z; Chen D
2020-09-01A condensed dynamic model of a heavy-duty truck for optimization of the powertrain mounting system considering the chassis frame flexibilityTan B; Chen Y; Liao Q; Zhang B; Zhang N; Xie Q
2020-08-07A robust flame retardant fluorinated polyimide nanofiber separator for high-temperature lithium-sulfur batteriesLuo X; Lu X; Chen X; Chen Y; Song C; Yu C; Wang N; Su D; Wang C; Gao X; Wang G; Cui L
2020-08A Garnet-Type Solid-Electrolyte-Based Molten Lithium-Molybdenum-Iron(II) Chloride Battery with Advanced Reaction Mechanism.Xu J; Liu K; Jin Y; Sun B; Zhang Z; Chen Y; Su D; Wang G; Wu H; Cui Y
2020-07-01Scale-Aware Rolling Fusion Network for Crowd CountingChen Y; Gao C; Su Z; He X; Liu N
2020-07-01A Surface Integral Equation Formulation for Efficient Simulation of Finite-Sized Multilayered Parallel-Plate StructureRen Y; Chen Y; Meng M; Liu Y; Xu K-D; Li J
2020-06PansyTree: Merging Multiple HierarchiesDong Y; Fauth A; Huang M; Chen Y; Liang J
2020-06Optical Thermometry with Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Chen Y; Tran TN; Duong NMH; Li C; Toth M; Bradac C; Aharonovich I; Solntsev A; Tran TT
2020-05-21Chinese herbal medicine Guilu Erxian Jiao attenuates bone marrow suppression following chemotherapy in patients with advanced lung cancerChen Y; Chen H; Li Y; Chen Z; Wu Y; McGowan E; Qu X; Sun B; Lin Y
2020-04-01Boosting the electrochemical performance of 3D composite lithium metal anodes through synergistic structure and interface engineeringChen Y; Ke X; Cheng Y; Fan M; Wu W; Huang X; Liang Y; Zhong Y; Ao Z; Lai Y; Wang G; Shi Z
2020-04-01Broadcast Your Weaknesses: Cooperative Active Pose-Graph SLAM for Multiple RobotsChen Y; Zhao L; Lee KMB; Yoo C; Huang S; Fitch R
2020-03-01Electrically Small Antenna with Broadside and Monopole-Like Beam ReconfigurabilityTang MC; Chen Y; Chen X; Ziolkowski RW
2020-03-01Concrete-like high sulfur content cathodes with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium-sulfur batteriesGan B; Tang K; Chen Y; Wang D; Wang N; Li W; Wang Y; Liu H; Wang G
2020-01-17Carbon chain length modulates MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell killing mechanisms by mitochondrially targeted aryl-urea fatty acids.Murray M; Roseblade A; Chen Y; Bourget K; Rawling T
2020-01-15Dispersion stability and biocompatibility of four ligand-exchanged NaYF4: Yb, Er upconversion nanoparticles.Chen Y; D'Amario C; Gee A; Duong HTT; Shimoni O; Valenzuela SM
2020-01-01Data poison detection schemes for distributed machine learningChen Y; Mao Y; Liang H; Yu S; Wei Y; Leng S