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2022-12-04Adopting an integrated inclusion practice: Preliminary findings and reflectionsLindeck, J; Daniel, S; Whelan, K; Rhodes-Dicker, L; Machet, T; Cheng, E; Brown, N; Boye, T; Bhatia, T
2022-11-28Inclusive teaching practices: a comparative case study of integrated inclusion in different contextsMachet, T; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T; Boye, T; Brown, N; Cheng, E; Lindeck, J; Rhodes-Dicker, L; Whelan, K
2022-10-03FIRST NATIONS PROJECT CONTEXTS IN FIRST-YEAR ENGINEERING: EXTENDING THE EWB CHALLENGE IN TWO UNIVERSITIESKutay, C; Goddard, G; Cheng, E; Bertei, S; Daniel, S; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Kutay, C; Leigh, E; Kaya Prpic, J
2022-10A room impulse response database for multizone sound field reproduction (L).Zhao, S; Zhu, Q; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS
2022-01-01Light Field View Synthesis Using the Focal Stack and All-in-Focus Imagesharma, R; Cheng, E; Perry, S
2022-01-01IT Industry Service Management Tools for Managing Large ClassesBoye, T; Cheng, E; Narai, R
2022Aboriginal Design ProcessKutay, C; Brown, P; Cheng, E; Lindeck, J
2021-12-05Fostering a capacity for relational agency in undergraduate engineering and ITMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2021-12-05Identifying and developing the factors necessary for the creation of functional groupsLindeck, J; Machet, T; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2021-07-27MSBOTS: a multiple small biological organism tracking system robust against non-ideal detection and segmentation conditionsWang, X; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS
2021-01-01Fostering a capacity for relational agency in undergraduate engineering and ITMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2021-01-01Developing intersectional inclusion capability in engineering studentsBrown, N; Cheng, E; Whelan, K
2021-01-01Quality of Experience Comparison of Stereoscopic 3D Videos in Different Projection Devices: Flat Screen, Panoramic Screen and Virtual Reality HeadsetChoy, S-M; Cheng, E; Wilkinson, RH; Burnett, I; Austin, MW
2020-12-06Using an online collaboration platform to facilitate group workLindeck, J; Cheng, E; Machet, T; Boye, T; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2020-12-06Relational Agency in First and Further Year Group WorkMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Daniel, S; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Bhatia, T
2020-07-03A study of human vocal effort in response to the architectural auditory environmentAlambeigi, P; Burry, J; Zhao, S; Cheng, E
2020-04-02Enhanced 3D Point Cloud from a Light Field ImageFarhood, H; Perry, S; Cheng, E; Kim, J
2020-04-013D point cloud reconstruction from a single 4D light field imageFarhood, H; Perry, S; Cheng, E; Kim, J
2020-01-01A Hybrid Neural Network for Graph-Based Human Pose Estimation from 2D ImagesVu, HT; Wilkinson, RH; Lech, M; Cheng, E
2019-01-16Panel Session - Women in Engineering Networking PanelChakraborty, S; Ros, M; Cheng, E; Goncher, A; Vial, A