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2019-12-09Experimental study of static and dynamic behaviours of cracked PV panelsAl-Soeidat, M; Cheng, T; Lu, DDC; Agelidis, VG
2019-09-01Single-Stage Boost-Integrated Full-Bridge Converter with Simultaneous MPPT, Wide DC Motor Speed Range, and Current Ripple ReductionAn, L; Cheng, T; Lu, DDC
2019-08-01Multi-variable thermal modeling of power devices considering mutual couplingWei, K; Cheng, T; Lu, DDC; Siwakoti, YP; Zhang, C
2019-07-01Experimental study of PV strings affected by cracksCheng, T; Al-Soeidat, M; Lu, DD-C; Agelidis, VG
2019-02-01Performance of constructed wetlands and associated mechanisms of PAHs removal with musselsKang, Y; Xie, H; Li, B; Zhang, J; Hao Ngo, H; Guo, W; Guo, Z; Kong, Q; Liang, S; Liu, J; Cheng, T; Zhang, L
2018-03-01Non-Isolated Single-Inductor DC/DC Converter with Fully Reconfigurable Structure for Renewable Energy ApplicationsCheng, T; Lu, DDC; Qin, L
2017-11-01Three-port converters with a flexible power flow for integrating pv and energy storage into a DC busCheng, T; Lu, DDC
2017-01-01Polishing of anaerobic secondary effluent by Chlorella vulgaris under low light intensityCheng, T; Wei, CH; Leiknes, TO
2015-11-10Analysis of a three-port DC-DC converter for PV-battery system using DISO boost and SISO buck convertersCheng, T; Lu, DDC; Gong, A; Verstraete, D
2007-01-01Nonparametric Hammerstein model based model predictive control for heart rate regulation.Su, SW; Huang, S; Wang, L; Celler, BG; Savkin, AV; Guo, Y; Cheng, T