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2023-06Systematic in vitro and in vivo study on biodegradable binary Zn-0.2 at% Rare Earth alloys (Zn-RE: Sc, Y, La–Nd, Sm–Lu)Du, S; Shen, Y; Zheng, Y; Cheng, Y; Xu, X; Chen, D; Xia, D
2023-03When non-CSR-themed social media influencers endorse corporate CSR initiatives: Effects of publics’ perceived influencer characteristics and leadershipChen, Y-RR; Hung-Baesecke, C-JF; Cheng, Y
2023-02Clinician views and experiences with reproductive coercion screening in a family planning service.Cheng, Y; Rogers, C; Boerma, CJ; Botfield, JR; Estoesta, J; Fairley, C
2022-10-01Exploring MicroRNA and Exosome Involvement in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Drug ResponseJohnson, B; Zhuang, L; Rath, E; Yuen, M; Cheng, N; Shi, H; Kao, S; Reid, G; Cheng, Y
2022-08-18Elevated c-di-GMP Levels and Expression of the Type III Secretion System Promote Corneal Infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Yam, JKH; Aung, TT; Chua, SL; Cheng, Y; Kohli, GS; Zhou, J; Constancias, F; Liu, Y; Cai, Z; Salido, MMS; Drautz-Moses, DI; Rice, SA; Schuster, SC; Boo, ZZ; Wu, B; Kjelleberg, S; Tolker-Nielsen, T; Lakshminarayanan, R; Beuerman, RW; Yang, L; Givskov, M
2022-01-01Achieving privacy-preserving sensitive attributes for large universe based on private set intersectionYang, L; Li, C; Cheng, Y; Yu, S; Ma, J
2022-01-01Self-Supervised Global-Local Structure Modeling for Point Cloud Domain Adaptation with Reliable Voted Pseudo LabelsFan, H; Chang, X; Zhang, W; Cheng, Y; Sun, Y; Kankanhalli, M
2022-01-01Social Media Influencer Effects on CSR Communication: The Role of Influencer Leadership in Opinion and TasteCheng, Y; Hung-Baesecke, CJF; Chen, YRR
2021-11-05Molecular design in drug discovery: a comprehensive review of deep generative models.Cheng, Y; Gong, Y; Liu, Y; Song, B; Zou, Q
2021-08-01Social Media Influencers in CSR Endorsement: The Effect of Consumer Mimicry on CSR Behaviors and Consumer RelationshipsCheng, Y; Chen, YRR; Hung-Baesecke, CJF
2021-01Koala cathelicidin PhciCath5 has antimicrobial activity, including against Chlamydia pecorum.Peel, E; Cheng, Y; Djordjevic, JT; O'Meally, D; Thomas, M; Kuhn, M; Sorrell, TC; Huston, WM; Belov, K
2020-08-14Subwavelength broadband sound absorber based on a composite metasurface.Long, H; Liu, C; Shao, C; Cheng, Y; Chen, K; Qiu, X; Liu, X
2020-08-04Tunable and broadband asymmetric sound absorptions with coupling of acoustic bright and dark modesLong, H; Liu, C; Shao, C; Cheng, Y; Tao, J; Qiu, X; Liu, X
2019-04-02Energy efficiency, carbon dioxide emission efficiency, and related abatement costs in regional China: a synthesis of input–output analysis and DEACheng, Y; Lv, K; Wang, J; Xu, H
2019-04-01Mining periodic cliques in temporal networksQin, H; Li, RH; Wang, G; Qin, L; Cheng, Y; Yuan, Y
2019-02-01Inclusion of intrauterine device insertion to registered nurses' scope of clinical practiceFleming, K; Cheng, Y; Botfield, J; Sousa, M; Bateson, D
2017-05-01From waste Coca Cola® to activated carbons with impressive capabilities for CO2 adsorption and supercapacitorsBoyjoo, Y; Cheng, Y; Zhong, H; Tian, H; Pan, J; Pareek, VK; Jiang, SP; Lamonier, JF; Jaroniec, M; Liu, J
2017-01-01Energy efficiency and marginal carbon dioxide emission abatement cost in urban ChinaWang, J; Lv, K; Bian, Y; Cheng, Y
2016-12-01Tai chi for chronic pain conditions: what does the meta‐analysis tell us?Yu, X; Lim, C; Zaslawski, C; Cheng, Y
2016-07-01Role for the thromboxane A 2 receptor β-isoform in the pathogenesis of intrauterine growth restrictionPowell, KL; Stevens, V; Upton, DH; McCracken, SA; Simpson, AM; Cheng, Y; Tasevski, V; Morris, JM; Ashton, AW