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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018Editorial: Digital transformation & digital business strategy in electronic commerce - The role of organizational capabilitiesNadeem, A; Abedin, B; Cerpa, N; Chew, E
1-Jan-2018Towards systematic design of cyber-physical product-service systemsRizvi, MAK; Chew, E
21-Jun-2017The failure of success factors: Lessons from success and failure cases of enterprise architecture implementationHope, T; Chew, E; Sharma, R
4-Jan-2017Designing a Primary Personal Information Market as an Industry Platform: a Service Innovation ApproachFarrelly, RW; Chew, E
5-Dec-2016Who’s in to Win?: Participation Rate in a Primary Personal Information MarketFarrelly, R; Chew, E
6-Oct-2016Making sense of project value from a value-co-creation perspective: an exploratory conceptual frameworkMasad, H; Chew, E
28-Sep-2016Exploring the Role of Enterprise Architecture in IS-enabled Ot: An EA Principles PerspectiveLumor, T; Chew, E; Gill, AQ
7-Mar-2016Designing a personal information transaction objectFarrelly, R; Chew, E
1-Jan-2016Towards a Primary Personal Information MarketFarrelly, R; Chew, E
1-Jan-2015Toward a multi-disciplinary business architecture reference model for SMEsDehbokry, SG; Chew, E
1-Jan-2014Towards a consistent cross-disciplinary ontology for business processCrick, C; Chew, E
1-Jan-2014Beyond speculation: A holistic investigation into factors affecting social media utilisation in the workplaceAoun, C; Chew, E; Vatanasakdakul, S
1-Jan-2014Understanding the role of business - IT alignment in organisational agilityCrick, C; Chew, E
1-Jan-2014Learning to create sustainable value in turbulent operational contexts: the role of leadership practicesChew, E; Dovey, KA
1-Jan-2013Value Co-Creation in the Organizations of the FutureChew, E; SemmelrockPicej, MT; Novak, A
1-Jan-2013Reconceptualising mega project success in Australian Defence: Recognising the importance of value co-creationChang, A; Chih, YY; Chew, E; Pisarski, A
1-Dec-2012Investigating the concept of information security cultureOost, D; Chew, E
1-Feb-2011The cultural transformation of large Chinese enterprises into internationally competitive corporations: Case studies of Haier and HuaweiHawes, C; Chew, E
1-Dec-2010Using goals to model strategy map for business IT alignmentBabar, A; Zowghi, D; Chew, E