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2024-08-18The multi-functional value of urban green infrastructure: a comprehensive and systematic reviewGiurco, D; Barreto Rosa, DW; Silva das Graças, FT; Watson, R; Chong, J; Nascimento, NDO
2023-01-01Hydrological response of implementing green and blue infrastructure–study of a Brazilian metropolisRosa, DWB; Silva, TFDG; Chong, J; Giurco, D; de Oliveira Nascimento, N
2023-01-01Water quality impacts of Green and Blue Infrastructure Implementation in the Vargem das Flores Reservoir Catchment, BrazilGiurco, D; Barreto Rosa, DW; Hot, CVPS; Gomes, IT; Ventura, DF; Silva, TFDG; Watson, R; Chong, J; Nascimento, NDO
2021-02-19A Novel Approach to Risk Stratification: Stage 1 ReportFane, S; Atherton, A; Mukheibir, P; Chong, J; White, S; Butler, A; Turner, A
2020-07-28Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund Program Evaluation ReportAtherton, A; Nagrath, K; Bliemel, M; Chong, J; Cotton, D
2020-06-01Rural drinking water safety under climate change: The importance of addressing physical, social, and environmental dimensionsKohlitz, J; Chong, J; Willetts, J
2020Climate Change Response for Inclusive WASH: A guidance note for Plan International IndonesiaKohlitz, J; Megaw, T; Chong, J; Sugi, F; Palaipeni, P; Emanual, Y; Brikman, H; Joman, Y; Landa, S; Talan, J; Leong, L; Kelleher, J; Gero, A
2020Socially-inclusive Responses to Climate Change Impacts on WASH: Case Study in Manggarai, Flores, IndonesiaMegaw, T; Kohlitz, J; Chong, J
2020Understanding and responding to climate change impacts in inclusive WASH programs – a conceptual framework – Learning PaperMegaw, T; Kohlitz, J; Gero, A; Chong, J
2019-10-21Analysing the capacity to respond to climate change: a framework for community-managed water servicesKohlitz, J; Chong, J; Willetts, J
2019-04-15Are piped water services reaching poor households? Empirical evidence from rural Viet NamCarrard, N; Madden, B; Chong, J; Grant, M; Nghiêm, TP; Bùi, LH; Hà, HTT; Willetts, J
2019-02-17Challenges and Successful Strategies for Pricing Reuse Water - Final ReportRaucher, R; Henderson, J; Atwater, R; Rosenblum, E; Watson, R; Chong, J; Basoli, D; Callow, D; Miles, E
2018-09-01Research Report: Gender Transformative Climate Change Action in the PacificWinterford, K; Megaw, T; Chong, J; Gero, A
2018-05-08Disruptors and megatrends; identifying external factors for the Melbourne sewerage strategy 2018Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Chong, J; Prickett, L; Ravalico, J
2018-03-09Climate change vulnerability and resilience of Pacific island water servicesKohlitz, J; Chong, J; Willetts, J
2018Community Engagement on Water Futures: Using creative processes, appreciative inquiry and art to bring communities’ views to lifeChong, J; Winterford, K; Lederwasch, A
2018Gender Transformative Climate Change Action in the Pacific: Framework and Guidance ToolWinterford, K; Megaw, T; Chong, J; Gero, A
2017-11-21External Factors for the Melbourne Sewerage Strategy 2018Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Prentice, EJ; Chong, J
2017-09-19Universities as facilitators of change: The role of research in achieving the Sustainable Development GoalsChong, J; Atherton, A; Leahy, C; White, S
2017-05-30Urban-Major Reforms in Urban Water Policy and Management in Major Australian CitiesChong, J; White, S