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2023-09-01Performance Evaluation of a Novel Intrusion Detection System in Next Generation NetworksSood, K; Nguyen, DDN; Nosouhi, MR; Kumar, N; Jiang, F; Chowdhury, M; Doss, R
2023-03-06Supply chain relational capital for sustainability through governance: the moderating effect of network complexityChowdhury, MMH; Chowdhury, M; Khan, EA; Sajib, S
2023-01-18Managing relational practices for performance improvement in a complex supply chain network: the mediating roles of proactive and reactive resilience in apparel industry of BangladeshChowdhury, MMH; Quaddus, M; Chowdhury, M
2023-01-01Intrusion Detection Scheme With Dimensionality Reduction in Next Generation NetworksSood, K; Nosouhi, MR; Nguyen, DDN; Jiang, F; Chowdhury, M; Doss, R
2022-03Reimagining global food value chains through effective resilience to COVID-19 shocks and similar future events: A dynamic capability perspectiveAli, I; Arslan, A; Chowdhury, M; Khan, Z; Tarba, SY
2022-01-01Blockchain adoption challenges in Global Supply ChainsHappy, A; Rahman, KW; Chowdhury, M; Chowdhury, M; Scerri, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2021-03-01Developing Transition Research for Disruptive Technology: 3D Printing InnovationLoy, J; Novak, J; Scerri, M; Chowdhury, M; Skllern, K; Saruchera, F
2021-02-09Avoiding Geographic Regions in TorRyan, MJ; Chowdhury, M; Jiang, F; Doss, RR
2020-12-01Impacts of Additive Manufacturing for the Surgical and Medical Device Supply ChainScerri, M; Skllern, K; Chowdhury, M; Loy, J; Novak, J
2020-09-01The role of social capital on proactive and reactive resilience of organizations post-disasterJia, X; Chowdhury, M; Prayag, G; Hossan Chowdhury, MM
2020-04-17UAV Swarm Mission Planning in Dynamic Environment Using Consensus-Based Bundle Algorithm.Zhang, Y; Feng, W; Shi, G; Jiang, F; Chowdhury, M; Ling, SH
2018-03-09The Future of Manufacturing Global Value Chains, Smart Specialization and FlexibilityAgarwal, R; Chowdhury, M; Paul, S
2017-03Imagine Sydney CreateGreen, R; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Chowdhury, M; Paul, S; Soco, S