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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Mar-2019Scholarly historical practice and disciplinary methodClark, A; Clark, A; Allender, T; Parkes, R
5-Feb-2019Rebuilding reefs, restoring memory: At work in the waters of historyClark, A; Hay, A
2019Historical Consciousness:Theory and PracticeClark, A; Peck, C; Clark, A; Peck, C
2019Private Lives, Public History: Navigating Australian Historical ConsciousnessClark, A
15-Nov-2018Using multi-model ensembles of CMIP5 global climate models to reproduce observed monthly rainfall and temperature with machine learning methods in AustraliaWang, B; Zheng, L; Liu, DL; Ji, F; Clark, A; Yu, Q
2-Oct-2018What is history? Historiography roundtableClark, A; Berger, S; Hughes-Warrington, M; Macintyre, S
1-Jun-2018Australian wheat production expected to decrease by the late 21st centuryWang, B; Liu, DL; O'Leary, GJ; Asseng, S; Macadam, I; Lines-Kelly, R; Yang, X; Clark, A; Crean, J; Sides, T; Xing, H; Mi, C; Yu, Q
1-Oct-2017The Catch The Story of Fishing in AustraliaClark, A
27-Jul-2017Family History and Transnational Historical ConsciousnessClark, AH; Evans, T; Clark, A; Simmonds, A; Reese, A
4-Jul-2017Testing the boundaries: Reflections on transnationalism in Australian historySimmonds, A; Rees, A; Clark, A
1-May-2017Introduction: Epistemology of Rival HistoriesClark, AH; Elmersjö, HÅ; Clark, A; Elmersjö, HÅ
3-Apr-2017From the Edge: Australia’s Lost HistoriesClark, A
2-Jan-2017Anzac Day: Then and NowClark, A
7-Dec-2016Resurrecting the Past: Writing about the DeadDale, AJ; Ashton; Clark, A; Crawford, R
1-Dec-2016Once Upon a Time: Australian Writers on Using the PastClark, A; Clark, AH; Ashton, P; Crawford, R
1-Dec-2016Contested Pasts: History in PoliticsClark, AH; Ashton, P; Clark, A; Crawford, R
1-Dec-2016Out of the Past: Making HistoriesClark, AH; Ashton, P; Crawford, R; Ashton, P; Clark, A; CRawford, R
30-Nov-2016Marketing the Past: Advertising as HistoryCrawford, R; Ashton, P; Clark, A; Crawford, R
2016Voice of the Past? Historical FictionAdelaide, D; Ashton, P; Clark, A; Crawford, R
1-May-2013The EPIIC hypothesis: Intrapartum effects on the neonatal epigenome and consequent health outcomesDahlen, HG; Kennedy, HP; Anderson, CM; Bell, AF; Clark, A; Foureur, M; Ohm, JE; Shearman, AM; Taylor, JY; Wright, ML; Downe, S