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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2017Family History and Transnational Historical ConsciousnessClark, AH; Evans, T; Clark, A; Simmonds, A; Reese, A
1-May-2017Epistemology of Rival HistoriesClark, AH; Elmersjö, HÅ; Clark, A; Elmersjö, HÅ
1-Mar-2017The Place of Anzac in Australian Historical ConsciousnessClark, AH
1-Dec-2016Contested Pasts: History in PoliticsClark, AH; Ashton, P; Clark, A; Crawford, R
1-Dec-2016Out of the Past: Making HistoriesClark, AH; Ashton, P; Crawford, R; Ashton, P; Clark, A; CRawford, R
1-Dec-2016Once Upon a Time: Australian Writers on Using the PastClark, A; Clark, AH; Ashton, P; Crawford, R
Jan-2014An Epic ForgettingClark, AH
Jan-2014Inheriting the past: Exploring historical consciousness across generationsClark, AH
Jan-2013Rethinking Australian HistoryAshton, P; Clark, AH; Clark, A; Ashton, P
Jan-2013Connecting to the Past: Memory and History in Australian CommunitiesClark, AH; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2013The History WarsClark, AH; Clark, A; Ashton, P
Jan-2012Ordinary People's HistoryClark, AH
Jan-2010The 'history wars'Clark, AH; Nieuwenhuysen, J; Dunstan, D
Jan-2010Talking About History: A Case for Oral HistoriographyClark, AH
Jan-2010Politicians Using HistoryClark, AH
Jan-2009Teaching the nation's story: comparing public debates and classroom perspectives on history education in Australia and CanadaClark, AH
Jan-2008History's Children: History Wars in the ClassroomClark, AH
Jan-2008Teaching National Narratives and ValuesClark, AH
Jan-2008The Challenge of Teaching Australian HistoryClark, AH; John Butcher
Jan-2008Learning About Stuff Outside the BoxClark, AH