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2021-03-17Graphic Storytellers at WorkGrant, P; Clark, G
2021-03-17Graphic Storytellers at Work: The ComicGrant, P; Clark, G
2021-01-01The utility of the health belief model variables in predicting help-seeking intention for depressive symptomsLangley, EL; Clark, G; Murray, C; Wootton, BM
2020-10Inverse relationship between oligoclonal expanded CD69- TTE and CD69+ TTE cells in bone marrow of multiple myeloma patients.Vuckovic, S; Bryant, CE; Lau, KHA; Yang, S; Favaloro, J; McGuire, HM; Clark, G; de St Groth, BF; Marsh-Wakefield, F; Nassif, N; Abadir, E; Vanguru, V; McCulloch, D; Brown, C; Larsen, S; Dunkley, S; Khoo, L; Gibson, J; Boyle, R; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ
2019-10-01Activated and Bone-marrow Resident Treg Alterations Underlie Malignant Transformation from MGUS to Multiple MyelomaVuckovic, S; Bryant, C; Marsh-Wakefield, F; Kruzins, A; McGuire, H; Yang, S; de St Groth, BF; Nassif, N; Byrne, SN; Gibson, J; Brown, C; Larsen, S; McCulloch, D; Boyle, R; Clark, G; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ
2019-01-01Mass cytometry discovers two discrete subsets of CD39<sup>−</sup> treg which discriminate MGUS from multiple myelomaMarsh-Wakefield, F; Kruzins, A; McGuire, HM; Yang, S; Bryant, C; Barbara, BF; Nassif, N; Byrne, SN; Gibson, J; Brown, C; Larsen, S; McCulloch, D; Boyle, R; Clark, G; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ; Vuckovic, S
2017-03-15Tropical forcing of increased Southern Ocean climate variability revealed by a 140-year subantarctic temperature reconstructionTurney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Palmer, JG; Van Sebille, E; Thomas, Z; McGlone, M; Richardson, S; Wilmshurst, JM; Fenwick, P; Zunz, V; Goosse, H; Wilson, KJ; Carter, L; Lipson, M; Jones, RT; Harsch, M; Clark, G; Marzinelli, E; Rogers, T; Rainsley, E; Ciasto, L; Waterman, S; Thomas, ER; Visbeck, M
2011-08-01Understanding preferences for motion picturesGazley, A; Clark, G; Sinha, A
2009-07-01Ultimate doctor liability: A myth of ignorance or myth of control?Cashin, A; Carey, M; Watson, N; Clark, G; Newman, C; Waters, CD