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1-Oct-2017Safety, Risk and Aggression: Health Professionals Experiences of Caring for People affected by crystal methamphetamine (ICE) when presenting for Emergency CareJackson, DE; Usher, K; Woods, C; Sayers, J; Kornhaber, R; Cleary, M
1-Jan-2016Nursing expertise: A course of ambiguity and evolution in a conceptHutchinson, M; Higson, M; Cleary, M; Jackson, D
15-Dec-2014Clinical Case Reports in mental health: the need for nuance and context.Raeburn, T; Jackson, D; Walter, G; Escott, P; Cleary, M
2014Qualitative Research: The Optimal Scholarly Means of Understanding the Patient ExperienceCleary, M; Escott, P; Horsfall, J; Walter, G; Jackson, DE
2014Above all, 'do no harm': key considerations when including students as research participants in higher education settingsCleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, DE
2014Whistleblowing: An integrative literature review of data-based studies involving nurses.Jackson, D; Hickman, LD; Hutchinson, M; Andrew, S; Smith, J; Potgieter, I; Cleary, M; Peters, K
Jan-2013Making a difference with research: Measuring the impact of mental health researchCleary, M; Siegfried, N; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE
Jan-2013Dealing with peer-review: What is reasonable and what is not?Cleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, DE; Daly, J
Jan-2013Coercion and the Corruption of Care in Mental Health Nursing: Lessons from a Case StudyHutchinson, M; Jackson, DE; Walter, G; Cleary, M
Jan-2013A good day in nursing: Views of recent Singaporean graduatesCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Muthulakshmi, P; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Negative workplace behaviours at the University of Hard KnocksCleary, M; Walter, G; Andrew, S; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Ethical sensitivity: Shaping the everyday work environmentJackson, DE; Cleary, M; Mannix, J
Jan-2013Ethical sensitivity: Shaping the everyday work environmentJackson, DE; Cleary, M; Mannix, J
Jan-2013A reason, a season or a lifetime? The importance of positive collegial relationships and networks in establishing career sustainability and resilienceJackson, DE; Andrew, S; Cleary, M
Jan-2013Recent graduate nurse views of nursing, work and leadershipCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, DE; Muthulakshmi, P; Hunt, GE
Jan-2013Quality Doctoral Programmes: Views From The East Asian Forum Of Nursing ScholarsCleary, M; Jackson, DE; Watson, R; Chan, SW
Jan-2013Mothering on the Margins: Homeless Women with an SUD and Complex Mental Health Co-MorbiditiesDawson, A; Jackson, DE; Cleary, M
Jan-2012Transportability of tertiary qualifications and CPD: A continuing challenge for the global health workforceSaltman, D; Kidd, M; Jackson, DE; Cleary, M
Jan-2012Ethical Conduct In Nurse Education: Creating Safe Staff-Student BoundariesCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE
Jan-2012Patients' views and experiences of pro re nata medication in acute mental health settingsHorsfall, J; Jackson, DE; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Hunt, GE; Cleary, M