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2023-12-01Do start-up ecosystems foster start-up performance? The moderating role of network learning capabilityPerdomo-Charry, G; Clegg, S; Schweitzer, J
2023-08-22Collecting and analysing data from a cartography of controversiesTureta, C; Américo, BL; Clegg, S
2023-08-22Accessing fieldworkAmérico, BL; Fantinel, LD; Clegg, S
2023-07-05Curiosity as a Practice: a practice lens perspectiveBickett, D; Clegg, S; Berti, M; Schweitzer, J
2022-12-16Construction Cultures: Sources, Signs, and Solutions of ToxicityClegg, S; Loosemore, M; Walker, D; Marrewijk, A; Sankaran, S
2022-12-16Aligning Construction Projects with StrategyKillen, C; Sankaran, S; Clegg, S; Smyth, H
2022-12-01Project leadership: A research agenda for a changing worldWhyte, J; Naderpajouh, N; Clegg, S; Matous, P; Pollack, J; Crawford, L
2022-10-01Topic: Power relations in the finance of infrastructure public-private partnership projectsLiu, LX; Clegg, S; Pollack, J
2022-08-01In Praise of Paradox Persistence: Evidence from the Sydney Opera House ProjectGaim, M; Clegg, S; Cunha, MPE
2022-07-19Myopia during emergency improvisation: lessons from a catastrophic wildfireCunha, MP; Clegg, S; Rego, A; Giustiniano, L; Abrantes, ACM; Miner, AS; Simpson, AV
2022-06-18Visualization of findings on construction project portfolio management using Gioia methodologySankaran, S; Clegg, S; Killen, C; Smyth, H; Scales, J
2022-05-10Energy justice issues in renewable energy megaprojects: implications for a socioeconomic evaluation of megaprojectsSankaran, S; Clegg, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N
2022-03-01How a network-based start-up ecosystem supports new venture performance: Management perspectives and future research.Perdomo-Charry, G; Clegg, S; Schweitzer, J
2022-02-01Non-naïve organizational positivity through a generative paradox pedagogyCunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2022-01-01Defining the work situation in organization theory: bringing Goffman back inKlemsdal, L; Clegg, S
2022-01-01Asset creation team rationalities and strategic discourses: Evidences from IndiaNinan, J; Mahalingam, A; Clegg, S
2022-01-01Speaking truth to power: The academic as jester stimulating management learningClegg, S; Cunha, MPE; Rego, A; Berti, M
2022-01-01Theorizing compassionate leadership from the case of Jacinda Ardern: Legitimacy, paradox and resource conservation<sup> 1</sup>Simpson, AV; Rego, A; Berti, M; Clegg, S; Pina e Cunha, M
2022-01-01Power in news media: Framing strategies and effects in infrastructure projectsNinan, J; Mahalingam, A; Clegg, S
2022-01-01Servus or Pater? How Paradoxical Intent Can Qualify Leadership: Inductions from the Kingdom of BhutanSousa, M; Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Giustiniano, L; Rego, A; Clegg, S