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2022-03-01How a network-based start-up ecosystem supports new venture performance: Management perspectives and future research.Perdomo-Charry, G; Clegg, S; Schweitzer, J
2021-11-15The Paradox of the Peasantry in Management and Organization StudiesCunha, MPE; Clegg, S; Rego, A; Berti, M
2021-11-01Controversies as method for ANTi-history: An inquiry into public administration practicesTureta, C; Américo, BL; Clegg, S
2021-05-04European social theory reflecting on a time of contagion: a book review essayCunha, MPE; Berti, M; Clegg, S
2021-04-27Changing Leadership in Changing Times IICrevani, L; Uhl-Bien, M; Clegg, S; By, RT
2021-03-17Overt obstacles and covert causes: An exploratory study of poor performance in megaprojectsBurdon, S; Ninan, J; Clegg, S; Clay, J
2021-03-01Watchers, Watched, and Watching in the Digital Age: Reconceptualization of Information Technology Monitoring as Complex Action NetsZorina, A; Belanger, F; Kumar, N; Clegg, S
2021-01-30Art, culture and paradox pedagogy in management learning: The case of Portuguese fadoSimpson, AV; Berti, M; Cunha, MPE; Clegg, S
2021-01-01Tales of powerClegg, S; Berti, M
2021-01-01Controversies as method for ANTi-history [CONTROVÉRSIAS COMO MÉTODO PARA ANTI-HISTÓRIA]Tureta, C; AméRico, B; Clegg, S
2021-01-01The project owner and the project manager: the M4 motorway connecting Sydney from the west to the eastFreeder, D; Sankaran, S; Clegg, S
2021-01-01MegaprojectsClegg, S
2021-01-01The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa – a Labour of Love and Learning, in DrouinClegg, S; Freeder, D; Shankaran, S
2020-12-01Resilient Leadership as Paradox Work: Notes from COVID-19Giustiniano, L; Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2020-09-13Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Practical Wisdom in Business ManagementBerti, M; Clegg, S; Simpson, A; Cunha, MPE; Schwartz, B; Bernacchio, C; González-Cantón, C; Robson, A
2020-09Stewardship as process: A paradox perspectiveCunha, MPE; Rego, A; Clegg, S; Jarvis, WP
2020-05-28Institutional work and infrastructure public–private partnerships (PPPs): the roles of religious symbolic work and power in implementing PPP projectsBiygautane, M; Clegg, S; Al-Yahya, K
2020-04-22ICT for external stakeholder management: sociomateriality from a power perspectiveNinan, J; Mahalingam, A; Clegg, S; Sankaran, S
2020-04-22External Stakeholder Management: Sociomateriality from a Power PerspectiveClegg, S; Mahalingam, A; Ninan, J
2020-03-01Setting up Projects for SuccessBurdon, S; Clegg, S; Clay, J; Smithers, J