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Jan-2013Water Use by TamarixCleverly, JR; Sher, A; Quigley, MF
Jan-2009On groundwater fluctuations, evapotranspiration, and understory removal in riparian corridorsMartinet, MC; Vironi, ER; Cleverly, JR; Thibault, JR; Schuetz, JF; Dahm, CN
Jan-2008Nocturnal transpiration in riparian Tamarix thickets authenticated by sap flux, eddy covariance and leaf gas exchange measurementsMoore, GW; Cleverly, JR; Owens, MK
Jan-2006Riparian ecohydrology: Regulation of water flux from the ground to the atmosphere in the Middle Rio Grande, New MexicoCleverly, JR; Dahm, CN; Thibault, JR; McDonnell, DE; Coonrod, JE
Jan-2005Control of Tamarix in the Western United States: Implications for Water Salvage, Wildlife Use, and Riparian RestorationShafroth, PB; Cleverly, JR; Dudley, T; Taylor, JP; Riper, IIICV; Weeks, EP; Stuart, JN
Jan-2005Evapotranspiration on western U.S. rivers estimated using the Enhanced Vegetation Index from MODIS and data from eddy covariance and Bowen ratio flux towersNagler, PL; Scott, RL; Westenburg, C; Cleverly, JR; Glenn, E; Huete, A
Jan-2005Predicting riparian evapotranspiration from MODIS vegetation indices and meteorological dataNagler, PL; Cleverly, JR; Glenn, E; Lampkin, D; Huete, A; Zhengming, W
Jan-2002Seasonal estimates of actual evapo-transpiration from Tamarix ramosissima stands using three-dimensional eddy covarianceCleverly, JR; Dahm, CN; Thibault, JR; Gilroy, DJ; Coonrod, JE
Jan-1998Water relations of riparian plants from warm desert regionsSmith, SD; Devitt, DA; Sala, A; Cleverly, JR; Busch, DE
Jan-1997Plant water relations of Tamarix ramosissima in response to the imposition and alleviation of soil moisture stressDevitt, DA; Piorkowski, JM; Smith, SD; Cleverly, JR; Sala, A
Jan-1997Invasive capacity of Tamarix ramosissima in a Mojave Desert Floodplain: the role of droughtCleverly, JR; Smith, SD; Sala, A; Devitt, DA