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2021-10-01Women's Experiences and Involvement in Decision-Making in Relation to Planned Cesarean Birth: An Interview Study.Thirukumar, P; Henry, A; Coates, D
2021-09-06Embedded researchers' purpose and practice: Current perspectives from Australia.Mickan, S; Coates, D
2021-08-16Response to letter to the editorDadich, A; Piper, A; Coates, D
2021-05-27Cross Cultural Workers for women and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds: a mixed-methods study of service providers perceptionsRogers, HJ; Hogan, L; Coates, D; Homer, CSE; Henry, A
2021-05-20Inter-hospital and inter-disciplinary variation in planned birth practices and readiness for change: a survey studyCoates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Henry, A
2021-05Factors associated with women's birth beliefs and experiences of decision-making in the context of planned birth: A survey study.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Thirukumar, P; Henry, A
2021-02-04Implementation science in maternity care: a scoping reviewDadich, A; Piper, A; Coates, D
2021-01-13Factors supporting the implementation of integrated care between physical and mental health services: an integrative review.Coates, D; Coppleson, D; Travaglia, J
2021-01The Use of Ethnography in Maternity Care.Coates, D; Catling, C
2020-12-23Embedded researchers in Australia: Survey of profile and experience across medical, nursing and midwifery and allied health disciplines.Mickan, S; Coates, D
2020-09Challenges and enablers of the embedded researcher model.Coates, D; Mickan, S
2020-09Responding to the health needs of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds-Models of maternity and postpartum care in high-income countries: A systematic scoping review.Rogers, HJ; Hogan, L; Coates, D; Homer, CSE; Henry, A
2020-07-13Exploring unwarranted clinical variation: The attitudes of midwives and obstetric medical staff regarding induction of labour and planned caesarean section.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Spear, V; Henry, A
2020-07The Experiences of Youth Mental Health Peer Workers over Time: A Qualitative Study with Longitudinal Analysis.Simmons, MB; Grace, D; Fava, NJ; Coates, D; Dimopoulos-Bick, T; Batchelor, S; Howe, D; Montague, AE
2020-04-01The embedded researcher model in Australian healthcare settings: comparison by degree of “embeddedness”Coates, D; Mickan, S
2020-03-04Women's experiences of decision-making and attitudes in relation to induction of labour: A survey study.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Henry, A
2020-03Integrated physical and mental healthcare: an overview of models and their evaluation findings.Coates, D; Coppleson, D; Schmied, V
2020-02-01Induction of labour: Experiences of care and decision-making of women and cliniciansCoates, D; Goodfellow, A; Sinclair, L
2020-01-01A systematic scoping review of clinical indications for induction of labourCoates, D; Makris, A; Catling, C; Henry, A; Scarf, V; Watts, N; Fox, D; Thirukumar, P; Wong, V; Russell, H; Homer, C
2020-01-01Women's experiences of intrapartum care and recovery in relation to planned caesarean sections: An interview studyThirukumar, P; Coates, D; Henry, A