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2023-04-26Advanced pathophysiology mimicking lung models for accelerated drug discovery.Phan, TH; Shi, H; Denes, CE; Cole, AJ; Wang, Y; Cheng, YY; Hesselson, D; Roelofs, SH; Neely, GG; Jang, J-H; Chrzanowski, W
2020-05-26Ubiquitin chromatin remodelling after DNA damage is associated with the expression of key cancer genes and pathways.Cole, AJ; Dickson, K-A; Liddle, C; Stirzaker, C; Shah, JS; Clifton-Bligh, R; Marsh, DJ
2017-09-05Comprehensive analyses of somatic TP53 mutation in tumors with variable mutant allele frequencyCole, AJ; Zhu, Y; Dwight, T; Yu, B; Dickson, KA; Gard, GB; Maidens, J; Valmadre, S; Gill, AJ; Clifton-Bligh, R; Marsh, DJ
2016-12-15The RING finger domain E3 ubiquitin ligases BRCA1 and the RNF20/RNF40 complex in global loss of the chromatin mark histone H2B monoubiquitination (H2Bub1) in cell line models and primary high-grade serous ovarian cancerDickson, K-A; Cole, AJ; Gill, AJ; Clarkson, A; Gard, GB; Chou, A; Kennedy, CJ; Henderson, BR; Fereday, S; Traficante, N; Alsop, K; Bowtell, DD; deFazio, A; Clifton-Bligh, R; Marsh, DJ
2016-05-18Assessing mutant p53 in primary high-grade serous ovarian cancer using immunohistochemistry and massively parallel sequencingCole, AJ; Dwight, T; Gill, AJ; Dickson, KA; Zhu, Y; Clarkson, A; Gard, GB; Maidens, J; Valmadre, S; Clifton-Bligh, R; Marsh, DJ
2014-01-01Histones and their modifications in ovarian cancer - drivers of disease and therapeutic targetsMarsh, DJ; Shah, JS; Cole, AJ
-Zebrafish CCNF and FUS Mediate Stress-Specific Motor ResponsesAksoy, YA; Cole, AJ; Deng, W; Hesselson, D