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2023-10-04Genus-Wide Transcriptional Landscapes Reveal Correlated Gene Networks Underlying Microevolutionary Divergence in Diatoms.Walworth, NG; Espinoza, JL; Argyle, PA; Hinners, J; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA; Dupont, CL; Collins, S; Josephs, E
2023-08-18The use of generalized linear mixed models to investigate postmortem lipids in textiles.Collins, S; Maestrini, L; Hui, FKC; Stuart, B; Ueland, M
2022-12-24The use of lipids from textiles as soft-tissue biomarkers of human decomposition.Collins, S; Stuart, B; Ueland, M
2022-08-01A preliminary investigation to determine the suitability of pigs as human analogues for post-mortem lipid analysisCollins, S; Maestrini, L; Ueland, M; Stuart, B
2022-04-27Predictability of thermal fluctuations influences functional traits of a cosmopolitan marine diatom.Gill, RL; Collins, S; Argyle, PA; Larsson, ME; Fleck, R; Doblin, MA
2022-03-14Mucospheres produced by a mixotrophic protist impact ocean carbon cycling.Larsson, ME; Bramucci, AR; Collins, S; Hallegraeff, G; Kahlke, T; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR; Doblin, MA
2022-01-01Anatomical location dependence of human decomposition products in clothingCollins, S; Stuart, B; Ueland, M
2022-01-01A preliminary study of non-woven fabrics for forensic identification purposesStuart, B; Guan, J; Collins, S; Thomas, P; Ueland, M
2021-10-25Multivariate trait analysis reveals diatom plasticity constrained to a reduced set of biological axesArgyle, PA; Walworth, NG; Hinners, J; Collins, S; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA
2021-06-16The evolution of trait correlations constrains phenotypic adaptation to high CO2 in a eukaryotic algaWalworth, NG; Hinners, J; Argyle, PA; Leles, SG; Doblin, MA; Collins, S; Levine, NM
2021-06-01Fresh vs. frozen human decomposition – A preliminary investigation of lipid degradation products as biomarkers of post-mortem intervalUeland, M; Collins, S; Maestrini, L; Forbes, SL; Luong, S
2021-01A High-Throughput Assay for Quantifying Phenotypic Traits of Microalgae.Argyle, PA; Hinners, J; Walworth, NG; Collins, S; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA
2019-01-15Supranutritional Sodium Selenate Supplementation Delivers Selenium to the Central Nervous System: Results from a Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial in Alzheimer’s DiseaseCardoso, BR; Roberts, BR; Malpas, CB; Vivash, L; Genc, S; Saling, MM; Desmond, P; Steward, C; Hicks, RJ; Callahan, J; Brodtmann, A; Collins, S; Macfarlane, S; Corcoran, NM; Hovens, CM; Velakoulis, D; O’Brien, TJ; Hare, DJ; Bush, AI
2019-01-01Monitoring human decomposition products collected in clothing: an infrared spectroscopy studyCollins, S; Stuart, B; Ueland, M
2014-01-01The future of the northeast Atlantic benthic flora in a high CO<inf>2</inf> worldBrodie, J; Williamson, CJ; Smale, DA; Kamenos, NA; Mieszkowska, N; Santos, R; Cunliffe, M; Steinke, M; Yesson, C; Anderson, KM; Asnaghi, V; Brownlee, C; Burdett, HL; Burrows, MT; Collins, S; Donohue, PJC; Harvey, B; Foggo, A; Noisette, F; Nunes, J; Ragazzola, F; Raven, JA; Schmidt, DN; Suggett, D; Teichberg, M; Hall-Spencer, JM