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2022-04The EQ-HWB: Overview of the Development of a Measure of Health and Wellbeing and Key Results.Brazier, J; Peasgood, T; Mukuria, C; Marten, O; Kreimeier, S; Luo, N; Mulhern, B; Pickard, AS; Augustovski, F; Greiner, W; Engel, L; Belizan, M; Yang, Z; Monteiro, A; Kuharic, M; Gibbons, L; Ludwig, K; Carlton, J; Connell, J; Rand, S; Devlin, N; Jones, K; Tsuchiya, A; Lovett, R; Naidoo, B; Rowen, D; Rejon-Parrilla, JC
2022-04Generation, Selection, and Face Validation of Items for a New Generic Measure of Quality of Life: The EQ-HWB.Carlton, J; Peasgood, T; Mukuria, C; Connell, J; Brazier, J; Ludwig, K; Marten, O; Kreimeier, S; Engel, L; Belizán, M; Yang, Z; Monteiro, A; Kuharic, M; Luo, N; Mulhern, B; Greiner, W; Pickard, S; Augustovski, F
2021-01‘Are we there yet?’ Australian HR professionals and the Fourth Industrial RevolutionNankervis, A; Connell, J; Cameron, R; Montague, A; Prikshat, V
2020The economic contribution of special eventsDwyer, L; Jago, L; Page, S; Connell, J
2020Australian graduates’ work readiness – deficiencies, causes and potential solutionsPrikshat, V; Montague, A; Connell, J; Burgess, J
2019-05-28Tracking the leavers: Towards a better understanding of doctor migration from Ireland to Australia 2008-2018Humphries, N; Connell, J; Negin, J; Buchan, J
2018-04-01Control and involvement HR practices in Indian call centres: still searching for answersAnanthram, S; Teo, STT; Connell, J; Bish, A
2018-01-01Graduate work-readiness challenges in the Asia-Pacific region and the role of HRMVerma, P; Nankervis, A; Priyono, S; Moh'D Saleh, N; Connell, J; Burgess, J
2018-01-01High-performance work systems and employee outcomes in Indian call centres: a mediation approachAnanthram, S; Xerri, MJ; Teo, STT; Connell, J
2018-01-01Global Value Chains, Flexibility and SustainabilityConnell, J; Agarwal, R; Sushil,; Dhir, S
2018-01-01Resistance to Integrate Information Systems in Healthcare Service: A Study on Developing CountryUmme, NJ; Chowdhury, MMH; Connell, J; Agarwal, R; Sushil; Dhir, S
2018-01-01Inclusion and work: Addressing the global challenges for youth employmentDhakal, SP; Connell, J; Burgess, J
2018Global Value Chains, Flexibility and SustainabilityConnell, J; Agarwal, R; Sushil, P; Dhir, S
2017-10-02Attracting and retaining personal care assistants into the Western Australia (WA) residential aged care sectorDhakal, S; Nankervis, A; Connell, J; Fitzgerald, S; Burgess, J
2017-01-01Developing organizational project management competencies through industry clustersAlgeo, C; Connell, J
2017-01-01Graduate employability in Australia: Time for a VET and HE overhaul?Montague, A; Connell, J; Mumme, B
2016-06-22The quality of working Australia and its relevance for HRM and organisational effectiveness in the Asia PacificConnell, J; Burgess, J
2016-03-30Joint Doctoral Supervision across Countries: Changes, Challenges and Considerations Abstract Acknowledgementsvan den Hoven, E; Connell, J
2015-09-07Vulnerable work and strategies for inclusion: an introductionBurgess, J; Connell, J
2014-06-01Framing the Emerging Talent Crisis in India and China: A Human Capital PerspectiveChatterjee, S; Nankervis, A; Connell, J