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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-03Towards Phosphorus and Climate Smart Agriculture in Sri LankaCordell, DJ; Dominish, E; Esham, M; Jacobs, B
2016-08-30Towards Global Phosphorus Security Through Nutrient ReuseCordell, DJ
2014-08Towards phosphorus security for a food secure futureCordell, DJ
2014-01Australian sustainable phosphorus futures: Phase II: Adapting to future phosphorus scarcity: Investigating potential sustainable phosphorus measures and strategiesCordell, DJ; Mikhailovich, N; Mohr, SH; Jacobs, B; White, S
2014-01Agriculture in Australia: growing more than our farming futureLangridge, P; Cordell, DJ; D'Occhio, M
2013-01Global phosphorus scarcity and the role of sanitation systems in achieving food securityCordell, DJ; Larsen, TA; Udert, KM; Lienert, J
2011-01Effectively managing the transition towards restorative futures in the sewage industry: a phosphorus case studyMitchell, CA; Fam, DM; Cordell, DJ; Howe, C; Mitchell, C
2010-01Securing a sustainable phosphorus future for AustraliaCordell, DJ; White, S
2010-01Securing a sustainable phosphorus future for Australia: implications of global phosphorus scarcity and possible solutionsWhite, S; Cordell, DJ; Moore, DD
2009-01Preferred future phosphorus scenarios: a framework for meeting long-term phosphorus needs for global food demandCordell, DJ; Neset, TS; White, S; Drangert, J; Mavinic, D; Ashley, K; Koch, F
2008-01Phosphorus, food and 'messy' problems: A systemic inquiry into the management of a critical global resourceCordell, DJ; David Cook
2008-01The Story of Phosphorus: Sustainability implications of global fertilizer scarcity for Australia - synthesis reportCordell, DJ; White, S
2007-01Demonstration of innovative community based water cycle management system. Stage 1: sustainability screening and evaluationMitchell, CA; Cordell, DJ
2006-01Urine diversion & reuse in Australia: A homeless paradigm or sustainable solution for the future? (Masters thesis)Cordell, DJ
2005-01Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part A: Developing an Integrated Waste Management Strategy and Empowering the CommunityWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
2004-01Review of the National Packaging CovenantWhite, S; Lansbury, N; Nheu, N; Cordell, DJ
2004-01Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part B: Recycling in Context - the Current SituationWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
2003-01Urban water demand forecasting and demand management: Research needs review and recommendationsWhite, S; Robinson, J; Cordell, DJ; Jha, M; Milne, GR
2001-01Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 1. Extended Producer Responsibility: Principles, Policy and Practice in NSWWhite, S; Calvert, F; Cordell, DJ; O'Rourke, A; Waters, SC; Young, E
2001-01Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 2. Costs and Benefits of Container Deposit Legislation in NSWWhite, S; Aisbett, E; Awad, I; Bubna-Litic, K; Calvert, F; Chanan, V; Cordell, DJ; Hendriks, C; Lee, N; O'Rourke, A; Palmer, J; Robinson, J; Young, E; Sarac, K